Fall Shows Cause Excitement All Over Green Hope



Stranger Things season 2 is coming.

Bilal Azzam, Staff Writer

It’s finally time for fall, which means scary movies and pumpkin spice lattes. However, those aren’t the only things that people are excited about. Many beloved shows are returning this fall, and people couldn’t be more excited. These shows include AMC’s The Walking Dead, and the  Netflix Original Stranger Things.

Excitement for The Walking Dead  has increased after its trailer release during the summer. The show is returning for an eighth season on October 22nd. Hannah Petersen, a sophomore at Green Hope, said “ I am excited and thrilled to see one of my favorite shows return for an eighth season. I miss seeing the thrilling action scenes.” Many fans are very enthusiastic about this thriller show, and are only expecting the best out of this new season. This is why so many videos and articles are on the internet about this show are being posted.

Stranger Things, a sci-fi show that has been taking over Netflix, is another big show that many students are excited about. It takes place in 1986, and centers around a group of kids who are forced to help their friend and save their family from a series of strange, paranormal activities.  After an incredibly successful first season, Netflix announced that there would be a second one coming in 2017. After several months, Netflix producers stated that the second season would be released on October 27th. Millions were excited to see their favorite kid cast return for more episodes.

These are only two of the many shows coming out this fall, and with October coming around the corner, horror and thriller shows are the only thing on people’s minds. The best thing to do on Halloween is sit down with your friends, make yourself some popcorn, and get ready to watch some exciting shows.