Humans of Green Hope: Nick Williams


Julia Agius

Nick Willams- feel the Bern.

“So the JV basketball team did a lot of team bonding and before big games we typically would sit, share a bed and watch scary movies, like a big sleepover. One day me and my good friend went to the mall before a game and in the middle of the mall we saw this nice Easter bunny. He had been giving me looks the whole entire time, like double taking and giving me glances and I was like ‘Oh what’s up with this Easter bunny’. So you know I roll through and see what’s up and he embraces me and says ‘Hey come over here’. Obviously he’s not talking because he’s the Easter bunny and he doesn’t speak but he was waving me through. Then he gave me a big ole hug, let me sit on his lap and take pictures. Really since that day everything in my life has changed. I lost 30 pounds, I grew 3 inches, I became exceptional at multiple things and I thoroughly enjoy life a lot more.And it’s all thanks to that Easter bunny that I saw that day. That is what made me believe in magic and for all those who don’t believe in magic, I’d tell you that it is real and that it is something that can change your life. And if you’re hearing this right now Easter bunny¬† I thank you”.