A Green Hope Thanksgiving

Julia Agius


Nathan Brescia

Time to carve the turkey

Lily Redick, Staff Writer

At Green Hope, we get three days off of school for Thanksgiving break. During that time, many students go out of town to visit family and friends and look forward to spending quality time with loved ones, a break from school, and the food. Aidan Callahan says “My favorite food at Thanksgiving is my grandmother’s pecan pie!” Some students stay in town and have family come to them. Others like myself, alternate each year to allow quality time with both sides of the family. Senior Dylon Washington says “I’m going to New York to visit my family. On Thanksgiving Day, we are all eating dinner together.” No matter what, Thanksgiving is a day to be celebrated with your loved ones.


Another popular tradition students at Green Hope participate in is Black Friday Shopping. Several students get together with friends or family and go out Thursday night to check out and shop the Black Friday Deals. Senior Sierra Sheridan goes Black Friday shopping with her cousin and aunt every year after Thanksgiving dinner. She shared that they map out the deals and figure out where they are going to go before they head out. They go around 10:30 pm and stay out until around 3:00 am. Her best deal she has gotten was a 72 inch TV for $100.


What are students thankful for?


Walker Dyson:

“I’m thankful for my three-year-old puppy named Lucy. She is a Shih-poo and weighs four pounds. I got her right before I entered my freshman year of high school.”


Ashley Mallare:

“I’m thankful for my family because no matter what we all support each other and are always there for each other. We always make each other laugh when we have bad days, and I’m really glad that we don’t argue a lot.”


Max Young:

“I’m thankful for the health of my family. This year my mom will be cancer free for three years and I am very happy about that. My family is happy and healthy!”


Emma Tonnemacher:

“I’m thankful for dance and all of the people I’ve met from it. I have been dancing since the age of three. It has had such a positive influence on my life and I have made so many close friends through it.”


Addysen Simmons:

“I’m thankful for my mom because she provides for me, especially while my dad is gone traveling. She cares for me and loves me no matter what.”