Year in Review: Student life

In 2017, the student life section documented several events, including concerts, marching band competitions, drama performances, and art fairs that were made up of the student body. The section also informed the student body about events or facts that might interest them, including pending releases of new songs and advice dealing with how to manage the cooler weather to intense homework workloads. Perhaps most importantly, the student life section gave students and even teachers a voice, from articles ranging in importance from transgender topics, to club features, and to more lighthearted articles that featured teacher pets.

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Marching Band Starts on a High Note

Noe Brady, Staff Writer

The Green Hope Band is a well-known, accomplished music program consisting of over two hundred students. The band performs at a variety of events, including concerts at school, parades, competitions, athletic events, and many more notable community events. Three classroom ensembles (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble) and four extracurricular ensembles (Marching Band, Indoor Percussion, Winter...

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