Sonia Rao

2017: What Was Green Hope Thinking?

2017 has been a rollercoaster of a year, from political controversies to devastating hurricanes.  It has been a year of global crises’ and in-depth debates.  

Though at times it seemed that the only events going on in the world were tragedies, there were many other things happening as well, such as disputes over confederate statues, the electoral college, the repeal of the controversial bathroom bill HB2, and Green Hope-centric events such as WCPSS eliminated the academic system of class rank and the new sports banners in the football stadium.  

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything Green Hope was thinking in 2017, it provides a quick glance of 2017 from the perspective of the Green Hope students. 











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Kaepernick was the Catalyst
New Sports Banners Spark Twitter Controversy
A Fight For Humanity: The Syrian Refugee Crisis
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Devastated Puerto Rico Deserves U.S. Aid
NC Flushes Bathroom Bill: But At What Cost?