Winter Chorus Concert


Hannah Petersen, Staff Writer

Every year the chorus classes at Green Hope put on a concert to exhibit what they have done throughout the past semester. The Winter Concert repertoire consists of several unique songs including Holiday songs from each chorus group. Green Hope High School has three different chorus groups: Mixed Chorus, Sorelle Sound, and Voices of Hope. Each group sings 3-4 songs and then towards the end they all come together to do a piece as a whole.

Mixed Chorus made up of students experiencing what it’s like to be in high school chorus for the first time. Some students in the group come from middle schools that had it and others where chorus classes weren’t offered. This group is a combination of mostly Freshman and Sophomores while also including some Juniors and Seniors. The Mixed Group sang three songs, one was accompanied by a pianist and one with a pianist and cellist, while the final song acapella style.

Sorelle Sound is an all-girls choir and a combination of all grades. Sorelle Sound sang four songs. The first song was simple and accompanied by just the piano, but each song after that was a different style. One song was sung acapella style, another was played with a cellist, a clarinet player, a violinist and also a bass player. Each song had a unique tone and different voices in the choir were complemented by all the instruments.

Voices of Hope is the travel chorus group for Green Hope. They compete in competitions all around and a couple of years ago they traveled to Disney to sing at the Disney Palace. Out of all the groups, they sang the most songs. They started off with an acapella version of Carol of the Bells and they were placed around the audience to add dimension.

Once all groups were finished performing, Ms. Jenner, the Chorus instructor, made an announcement that she would like to start a tradition that every year following the performances that as a whole they would sing the Hallelujah Chorus. The Green Hope Chorus worked really hard to prepare for this concert and I think that the audience and I would agree that it definitely paid off.