All the acts of last night's show.
All the acts of last night's show.

TALONted Falcons awe the crowd

April 10, 2015

The Green Hope Class of 2016 sponsored the annual Talent Show last night, April 9th. Juniors Samantha Chan and Jarred Lobo were the masters of ceremony of the event, and Mr. O’brien was the staff advisor. The judges of the show were Ms. Cook, Ms. O’Brien, and Ms. Kinder. The students who helped make this happen are Alex Bainbridge- Tech Director, Serenity Rowland- Lighting Designer, Ryan Sanders- Sound Designer, Josh Darby- Spotlight, Caleb Rhew, Harman Goeller, Corina Matos, Samantha Cole- Stage Crew. Daniel Polito took first place with his amazing performance of “I Want To See You Tonight” and Josh Smith was first runner-up with his performance of Lil Wayne’s “How to Love”.

Acts(in order):

1. Nathan & Wesley Gilbert: Singing, Guitar, Drums

2. Hannah Hendren, Kevin Smith, Tyler Haddon, Austin Joyner: Singing, Piano, Guitar, Drums.

3. Sam James: Comedy

4. Alan Kakou: Rapping

5. Kayla Jahromi: Piano

6. Morgan Radcliffe & Kevin Smith: Singing, Piano

7. Erin Kaukereit, Layla Peykamian, Colleen Bereda: Irish Dancing

8. Jacob Gutierrez: Dancing

9. Lauren Hellner: Singing

10. Rohith Yenumula: Rapping

11. Mika Torres: Singing, Piano

12. Josh Smith: Singing, Piano

13. Alvion Hargrove: Singing

14. David Maiorino, Conner Moye, Eric Revenaugh, Rory John Zak: Guitar, Drums, Piano, Singing

15. John Foster: Dancing

16. Shweta Bhatnagar, Dhawal Bhatt, Mounica Boggala, Veda Gopal, Sayali Jadhav, Namrata Jumani, Aditi Kharod, Hamsa Raman, Neerja Shah, Neetya Shah, Divya Srinivas: Indian Dance

17. Tevin Barr: Dancing

18. Trae Peoples: Dancing

19. Michael Nquyen: Magic

20. Hunter James & Olivia Yount: Singing, Piano

21. Sonia Manocha & Shreya Patel: Dancing

22. Gabriella Gannotta & Luisa Lyons: Singing, Guitar

23. Daniel Polito: Singing, Guitar, Piano

24. Sajani Patel: Dancing

25. Connie Jin, Betty Shaqiran, Jennifer Li: Dancing

Thank you to the Green Hope Class of 2016 for organizing this great event, and a special shout-out goes to Samantha Chan and Jarred Lobo for being great MCs.