Amtrak Train Accident

Hannah Petersen, Staff Writer

Early morning on February 4, 2018, around 2:45 am in Cayce, South Carolina, there was a collision between a CSX freight train and a Silver Star Amtrak train. The crash happened approximately 10 miles from Columbia, South Carolina. News stories have reported details explaining what actually happened. Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina, said that the CSX freight train was parked on a side track and nobody was in the freight train at the time of the crash. It was reported that the Amtrak train must have been going at least an estimated speed of 59 mph when it when it slammed into the freight train. Governor McMaster said that the freight train was originally supposed to be on and operating. All 100 passengers that were injured were immediately taken to four different hospitals, where they were treated.

Bystanders that were near the location of the accident when it happened explained that when it happened, it sounded like a propane tank exploding. As an outcome of this accident, there were two casualties that were both employees (a conductor and an engineer), as well as over 100 injured passengers. Local and nationwide news reports mentioned that this is the third fatal Amtrak train crash in less than two months. One being an engineer mistaking an upcoming curve which resulted in the deaths of 3 people and more than 70 injured. Also, another being one right here in North Carolina in Nash County, when an Amtrak train hit a moving car, which resulted in 2 deaths.