A New Era For Vending Machine Users

Zara Khan, Staff Writer

I was standing at the vending machine trying to satisfy the hunger of my stomach. I had no breakfast, it was 10:46 am and I was starving. Then I realized I had no change. This was my biggest nightmare. Imagine sitting through two periods of class waiting in hopes of going to the vending machine during lunch then having no money to pay up. However, in front of me, a student whipped out their phone and paid with apple pay. I was confused. I was also mesmerized. I decided to try it, I double tapped the home button and there appeared my credit card. I held my phone close to the machine, and four green dots scanned my card and paid for my Doritos. A voice behind me said, “how exactly did you do that?” I looked back and there was Principal Summers.

After a few attempts at showing her 

how to work apple pay, it finally worked and the vending machine once again saved us “no-change carrying” people. I am thankful for apple pay for now I will never have to carry change. Although, I feel nostalgic; I will never have the feeling of two quarters in my pocket again, and future generations will never experience the hardship of not having change.