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Peyton Barish

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Peyton Barish

Jordan Barish, Staff Writer

Peyton Barish is a senior track and cross country runner and a three-time state champion for the Falcons. Peyton has been running varsity since freshman year. In cross country, he’s broken the school record for the 5K twice, once in junior year (15:26.70) and again as a senior (15:18.50). He also holds the track records for the 3200 in Indoor track (9:30.07) and in Indoor track polar bear (9:20.93). Peyton is also academically gifted, having taken 7 AP classes and with a 4.5 GPA. He is ridiculously excited to take his athletic and academic career to NC State.

  • When did you begin running? Third grade at Briarcliff Elementary for First in Fitness.
  • What inspired you or pushed you to pursue running at the collegiate level? The opportunities that you can receive after graduating from college and competing at a division 1 school made running in college really appealing and as my love of the sport grew, the desire to continue my career grew as well.
  • What schools were you considering before your commitment? The Ohio State University, Georgia Tech, and NC State.
  • What separated (NC State) from the others? The ability to go to a program that has a legendary cross country and track legacy was the deciding factor, because I want to be able to win championships at NC State.
  • Did sports prevent you from doing anything you would have done if you had not been occupied with sports? Honestly, the doors that cross country and track have opened far outweigh the things that I’ve had to miss because of my sport. For example, I got to go to Oregon and compete in Nike Cross Nationals with my team.
  • Who is the most impactful person you have ever had in your sports life? My two parents and my sister because they travel to almost all of my meets, including the ones that require plane travel and always listen when running becomes a topic of conversation.
  • Do you know what you want to major in? Public Policy and Political Science, because I want to become a public official when I’m older.