Green Hope’s New Weight Room


Colin Fegeley

The new Green Hope weight room is Title IX compliant.

Brandon Morton, Sports Editor

On Tuesday afternoon, Green Hope High School officially opened the school’s new weight room. The complete installation was a week-long process that completely tore down the old weight room and refreshed it with new equipment. The new weight room has fresh equipment, a new floor, and is Title-9 compliant throughout. This entire process is leading up to specialized weight training classes for both guys and girls next school year.

The big issue with the old weight room was that it was mainly specialized for guys. Green Hope’s new weight room has women’s bars, which are 12 inches shorter and 5 pounds less. The benches can now adjust to any size, guy or girl. Green Hope now has a plentitude of smaller weighted dumbbells after previously having the majority between 25 and 45 pounds. Colin Fegeley, the athletic director, said, “We are very excited about this new facility. I truly believe it now one of the premier high school weight room facilities in the state. I know that it will provide a great opportunity for our current and future student athletes.”

The new weight room is covered in Green Hope logos and is maroon and green from top to bottom. It has tons of bench and squat locations, pull up bars, and four glute/hamstring machines. Green Hope is hoping for a strong push in player strength on all fields and courts next year and this is a strong step. Fegeley said, “I love the branding and logos in the weight room. You certainly know your at Green Hope the second you walk in the door.” The Falcons athletic program is adding on to its previous success of eight straight Wells Fargo Cups, and this upgrade is sure to help us win many more.