Green Hope Falcon Art Sculpture

Julia Agius

Green Hope Falcon Sculpture

The Green Hope Art Department is constructing a falcon sculpture. It is a yearlong project that will take a school effort to complete. They are in need of Green Hope colored t-shirts, so if you have any you would like to donate, please bring them to Ms. Prichard’s room (302).

We interviewed Ms. Prichard and some of her students and this is what they had to say about the sculpture.

Ms. Prichard

What is the sculpture?

“The last semester art class wanted a sculpture of a falcon with outstretched wings. I can remember one of the students, Julian Hernandez, had made a drawing of what he envisioned this to look like. It then went to this semester’s class of fabricators. They created the falcon using rebar, which is used in the construction of houses and things like that. We started this project with these other bird sculptures that you see in the library. One of these birds is going to get auctioned off for the Town of Cary and the money will be used for a scholarship for students who want to take an art course at the Cary Art Center. As a huge thank you, they created the large falcon sculpture for us.”

How did this all come to be?

“Mrs. Summers wanted a falcon for the graduating class of 2017. I asked the Town of Cary, who created these birds right here, how much the cost would be. They found out the cost would be astronomical and didn’t think it would be possible for the class of 2017. As a gesture of thanks, they gave us this falcon in return for our work on the birds. Which is amazing, because this bird alone probably cost $1000+.”

How do you plan to execute this project?

“That’s where these students’ input is invaluable. They get to decide where the colors go. That’s a problem though because we don’t have enough t-shirts of our school colors. That’s where the rest of our school comes into play. We could use a lot more school colored t-shirts. One of my students, Jacob Youmans, is working on a possible drawing of where he thinks the colors should be. The class will look at what we think is the best design and go with it. The thought is that when this is all completed, it will go in the main circle outside the front doors. We would spray it with this coating that makes it water repellent. Also, the wing of the falcon is removable so that transportation can be easier. That’s kind of how it all came to be. But this is definitely a year-long process. First semester being the idea generating class of what is should look like and the second semester being the fabrication process by putting chicken wire on it and the t-shirt material weaved through it. This sculpture will end up at the Town of Cary Spring Daze and then the National Art Honors Society any other club that wants to participate will show the general public how to weave the t-shirt material through the wire. So, it is a public art piece in that the public becomes involved in it and you all can be involved in it. Anyone can stop by and weave a piece of t-shirt through the sculpture. Ideally, I think it would be kind of cool to have the sculpture where the glass blocks are on the last Friday before it departs for the Town of Cary so that the entire student body can have the opportunity to weave their t-shirt through. So, then it’s not only us, but it becomes bigger than that. It is all of Green Hope.”

Jacob Youmans

What were your ideas for the colors of the falcon sculpture?

“I was gonna come up with a bunch of ideas to just get some drawings down and then start messing with the colors. One of my ideas is to have the outside be the maroon color and the inside of the wings would be green. The beak would just be an orange/yellow/black combination. Another idea is to have the tail have streaks of maroon and green and everything else would be maroon.”

What was your part in this project?

Scotty French

“Last year, I helped a lot with the two chicken sculptures in the library. These were the beginnings of the falcon project. I didn’t have a lot to work with, but I made it work. These projects led to the creation of the falcon sculpture.”

Julian Hernandez

“I helped come up with the idea of the winged falcon.  I wanted it to represent Green Hope. Usually falcons are depicted this way, so I wanted to stay true to that look.”

Why did you guys choose to use t-shirts to decorate the sculpture?

“It wasn’t necessarily us that came up with that. It was a different artist that came in as a guest speaker. She travels around the world and uses recycled material to make art. She came in and helped us make the chickens and she usually uses t-shirts, so that’s what we used.”