Black Mirror Reflects a Scary Truth

Noe Brady , Staff Writer

The TV series “Black Mirror” was first released in 2011 on British Television and was later purchased by Netflix. The show has never really gotten much attention until recently when it became a nationwide trend in America and everyone was talking about the mysterious and intriguing show. The series revolves around science fiction and the idea of how reality would change if drastic new technology was brought into our lives. The show has a unique twist because it follows no storyline. Each episode tells its own story, basically like a short movie. There are no recurring characters or ideas, everything is new in each episode. The only recurring part is the theme of how technology can affect our lives.

Everyone has different views about the show. Some like the uncommon structure and surprise factor of each episode, but other people prefer to follow a story and be able to predict what’s coming next. Many discuss that some episodes are good and interesting, while other episodes are boring and pointless to watch. Many fans just watch the episodes that interest them instead of wasting time on boring episodes. This is beneficial because if you’re watching a normal show, such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, you are obligated to watch episodes that are boring and painful because you could miss a detail that’s crucial to the storyline of the show.

Personally, I like this show and have been interested in it since I watched an episode with my brother. I like how the plot is kept realistic and I can imagine myself in the situations the characters are facing. Some of my favorite episodes include “The Entire History of You”, “Fifteen Million Merits”, and “Nosedive”. I also like how everyone has different favorites and the show a good topic of discussion. Many of the episodes also teach valuable life lessons and make people snap back into reality in order to use introspection to really analyze how technology is slowly but surely drastically changing our lives. The only thing I dislike about this show is that sometimes the themes are too disturbing. I don’t always like dark themes and wish there could be a more positive twist on at least some of the episodes of the show.  Overall, I think everyone should give this unique show a chance because you never know if you’ll fall in love unless you try it!