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The Inkblot Spring 2018, Issue 2: Falling and Ascension

Lauren Bryant

Lauren Bryant

Lauren Bryant

The Inkblot Spring 2018, Issue 2: Falling and Ascension

The themes of this Inkblot Issue are Ascension and Falling. Our authors have chosen to focus either on one or both of these themes. We chose these themes because of the breadth of creative space they provided our writers, and because of their interlinked nature. We hope our writers will use these themes to explore the way people’s circumstances change throughout their lifetime, sometimes over long periods, and sometimes quite suddenly. We also hope some of our authors will be creative and interpret these themes in ways we never could have imagined.

Here are a few words from this issue’s editorial board:


I hope this issue will be chock full of creative interpretation of the themes, and I especially hope that our writers will use both of the themes, as ascension, or rising, and falling are undeniably interlinked.

Peter Bramson, 10th grade

I am very excited to see all of the wonderful pieces that will emerge from this subject. It is so vast and can be interpreted in so many ways and it will be very interesting to see all of the different takes our writers have produced for it.

Andrea Concepcion, 12th grade

This issue is interesting to us because we see the idea of falling and ascension together in lots of different ways. It can be taken in a way of falling in and out of love, rising to a certain occasion, or climbing out of somewhere dark. The topic offers a deep look into some places we can be afraid to go or talk about, and is a means to bring them to light in a creative way. We hope this issue makes you feel and makes you think in a fond sort of way.

Grace Gayhardt, 11th grade

The wonderful thing about this topic is that it can be viewed and written in so many different ways. Not only are the themes of falling and ascension great apart, but they can also compliment each other when written correctly. This is why we decided to make our cover photo a set of stairs; to show that in life, you sometimes have to walk– maybe even stumble and fall– down one way, but other times, you may sprint to the top.

Giuli Hoffmann, 10th grade

The concept of falling and ascension is very versatile. It can be interpreted in a multitude of ways with a variety of tones and stories. The idea is also very cyclical. Each theme feeds into the other. You can’t have one without the other. They build and inform one another and, as such, create a richer meaning. I think by posing stories that represent opposing themes can bring out different meanings for the audience.

Shareen Rahmathulla, 11th grade

The Editorial Board chose the themes of falling and ascension as the topic of Inkblot Issue 2 mainly because of the vastness of the topic and the number of ways in which it can be interpreted. Personally, I am highly interested in taking a look at the different ways the authors decipher this topic to creatively write their individual pieces.

Manav Ray, 12th grade


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