Finn McBride

Hannah Petersen and Julia Agius

Which service academy are you going to?

The US Naval Academy

What was the application process like and how does it differ from other colleges?

The application process involves two different applications, first is the preliminary application which must be filled out by June of junior year, then if you make it past that you can work on the application. The application is similar to others in that it involves transcripts, recommendations, and lots of questions and essays. The application also involves a physical military test and an interview with a Blue and Gold officer who is a graduate of the Academy. The application is very strenuous and took me all summer

Did you apply to other colleges?

I didn’t apply to any other colleges because I found out I was in before most universities closed applications.

Why did you choose the academy that you chose?

I chose the Naval Academy over the other academies because it had the best academics (ranked #1 for public universities by Forbes) and it had the best athletic programs for my sport (cross country and track).

What do you want to do when you’re in the academy?

In the academy, I want to continue my athletic career in running and break a 4 minute mile. I also want to strengthen my military knowledge and fighting/ shooting skills.

When do you start?

I start basic training in Annapolis, Maryland at the Naval Academy on June 28, and I start school August 15th.

What do you think will be the greatest challenge at the Academy?

I think the greatest challenge for me will be balancing my time, in order to be successful in athletics and academics and not be miserable, I will need key time management skills. Which I am capable of doing.

What inspired or made you want to pursue this?

My inspirations are my goals of serving my country. It will also serve my personal goals and set me up in a great situation to make a great career in the Navy or in the civilian world after my mandatory 5 years of naval service.