Ashley Mallare

The Inkblot Spring, 2018 Issue 3: Three

The theme of this Inkblot issue is “3.” This does not refer to anything specific, but rather to the vast range of things that can involve the concept of three. The pieces in this issue are the most freeform pieces of the Inkblot, as the simple topic allowed for the most freedom of expression and ideas.  We hope this issue will be the most entertaining one yet and allow for some heartwarming reads too.


This inkblot will definitely be unique among all the others because of the topic three. There can be three of anything in these stories which provides a lot of freedom for the writers.

Elliot Chen, 10th grade

For the past two inkblot issues, the topics have been specific abstract topics. This issue, the theme is so vast that virtually any topic — from fairy tales to documentaries — can be applied to it.

Ethan Creaser, 10th grade

The issue is a very different kind of issue, as it is the number three. It gave everyone the ability to write many different topics and the freedom to choose what they want to write. My hopes for this issue is to have a variety of different stories with different concepts, genres, and character developments that come with tying the number three into the pieces.

Ashley Mallare, 10th grade

The goal of this issue isn’t to raise awareness or to express an opinion, it is to entertain the reader. The topic of “three” allows for an endless amount of freedom of expression, resulting in a large range of stories. This issue may not be the most informative, but it’s definitely the most entertaining one yet.

Mary McNeill, 10th grade

I think that Issue #3 is going to be a very diverse issue because the writers can build upon ideas of “three,” and I look forward to reading interesting stories.

Tyler Rewkowski, 11th grade

Issue #3 of the inkblot has a very different theme for the past two. Using the number three, each writer has the ability to incorporate the number three however they choose. My hope for this issue is to allow the writers to develop a variety of stories, providing the readers with a multitude of different plots, characters, and genres.   

Caroline Ricks, 11th grade


Three Days
Je Ne Comprends Pas
Three Dimensions
The Dark Three
Evolutionary Wolves
Odd Jobs
Two Wishes and a Consequence
White Hair, Silver Needle
Of Man, Woman, and Monster
The Value of Choice
The Walking Massacre CED
The Horrifying Hat Trick
The Road to Villainy