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The Inblot Spring, 2018 Issue 4: On the Edge

Davin “Kimjdav” Kim

Davin “Kimjdav” Kim

Davin “Kimjdav” Kim

The Inblot Spring, 2018 Issue 4: On the Edge

Welcome to the final Inkblot of the 2017-2018 school year. This is inkblot number 4 and we hope you enjoy this last series of pieces.


This is the last issue of the year and I’m excited to see how everyone develops a nice story that is both exciting and dark, almost like a mystery puzzle that is ready to end or a new one will begin. I have no doubt that this will be the most interesting resolution Inkblot production yet.

Nikia Hudson, 11th grade

This is the last issue for this year and I want people to tie up their thoughts for this kind of stuff and let the year ease into the end. I don’t really intend for any high-stakes climax stuff, I’m kind of intending for a relaxing, peaceful resolution.

Davin Kim, 10th grade

This is our last issue. For many this is the last piece they will produce in a creative writing class at Green Hope. My hope for this issue is that it wraps everything up in a nice little bow, that it brings everything to a nice concise conclusion, but that it still has this hope for a new beginnings. We hope you enjoy it.

Maddy Mudd, 10th grade

I am more excited about this issue, than I have been about any other issue simply because we chose an open-to-interpretation topic for the writers and readers. Even though this is our last issue, I believe this issue is the best way for us to go out with a bang!

Ashanti Spells, 10th grade


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I met my best friend on my tenth birthday. My parents and I were celebrating the special day, just the three of us. I was an only child and had few friends, but there was nothing in the world I wanted more than a companion. It was when I was opening my gifts that I met her. She was small, so small, but her smile was the brightest thing I had ever seen. I lifted her out of the box. She licked my face...

Empty Bottles and Fake Love

[A woman is in her office working, while her husband is sleeping on the couch with 3 bottles laying around him.]   He shuffles and begins to wake up. His eyes flutter open only to observe that his beer bottles were empty.   Man: Jess-jessica. (mumbling)   No answer.   Man: JESSICA.   Jessica rushes in to find him lying on the couch with his hand out, holding an em...

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The Past in the Present
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