Welcome Back Class of 2019!



2019 Seniors roared into the school year.

Antonia Meneses Gomez, Senior Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 school year started with a roar. This morning, the 2019 seniors gathered at Green Hope Elementary to embark upon the annual senior car parade, a tradition dating back to the first graduating class of 2002.

This year, the themed cars varied from a rocket ship, lighting McQueen, and a pirate ship all the way to Jurassic Park themed truck and a wedding on wheels. The procession started at 6:45AM as the senior navigated down Louis Stephens, past Upchurch Farm and down Carpenter Upchurch to their decorated parking spots.

This year’s winner of the parade was Garrett Williams and his fellow dinosaur friends who showed out in their Jurassic Park themed car. Best of luck this year seniors.