Green Hope’s New Addition

Kohl Abrams, Sports Writer

Walking through the doors on the first day of school, it might have seemed like nothing has changed, but a stroll down the athletics hallway would reveal a brand new addition that has the school buzzing. A Gatorade vending machine with many of the brands products is now outside of the weightroom. The machine include the original Gatorade drink, Gatorade fuel bars, Gatorade whey protein bars, Gatorade whey protein with almond butter, and Gatorade chews. Anyone is able to use this machine at any point in the day. With a Gatorade being $2.00 and bars and chews being $2.50, the prices are very reasonable and won’t tear a hole in a high school students pocket.

Athletic Director, Colin Fegeley had very high remarks on this machine. “It’s always been a priority of mine that our student athletes have the best hydration and nutrition, and the new machine provides just that.” He also believes that not only student athletes will take advantage of this great privilege, but the whole student body will benefit.

Next time you are feeling a little dehydrated, or need a boost of energy to get through your next class, go down to the machine and get whatever you feel will fit your needs. As Gatorade once said in a commercial, “life’s a sport. Drink it up.”