Justice for Juveniles

Gabe Cohen KOMO

Kaia Patel, Opinion Editor

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On Wednesday, August 22nd, a 6-year old child was brutally beaten up by 7 children in his apartment complex in Olympia, Washington. The child’s name is Carter English and the “reason” he was aggressively attacked was that he was standing up to a group of bullies who were picking on his friend. Police are currently investigating the suspected 5- year old who is said to have started all of it, but due to the age of everyone involved in the incident, no legal action will be taken.

After being beat up with rocks and sticks, Carter English is currently suffering from multiple injuries, including a fractured elbow in three places, lacerations to his eyelid and eyeball, a concussion, and multiple hematomas on his forehead. At one point he was at risk of losing his left eye, due to the sawdust that the bullies rubbed into his eyes. English also has a GoFundMe page set up by his mother, Dana English, to assist with medical bills.

The Olympia Police are planning to get social services involved, but the necessary criminal action will not be taken towards the 5-year old involved.  Events like this beg certain questions to be asked, such as how we can live in a world where 6-year olds are being beaten up in their own homes by other children.  Imagine being a child, attempting to move on from an incident like this, knowing the instigator at hand is still capable of doing such things again.  

If someone is capable of doing such things at such a young age, think about what would happen when they get older.  It is not possible to progress as a global community if we cannot fix the ones who will one day be a part of running it. In other words, we need to find justice for those too young to attain it. 

Time and time again the United State’s legal system has continued to excuse those of their and crimes misdemeanors because they are under the legal age. If anything, these children must be held accountable for their actions now while they are still young before they grown up to do much worse. Many murders, rapes, and now lethal bullying has gone unchecked. I am afraid of what the world will come and grow to be if it’s full of citizens who don’t know right from wrong.

My heart goes out to the English family who is recovering, and 6-year old Carter English who will hopefully feel safe once again.