Why Breakfast is Important


Shea Kofkin-Hansen, Social Media Director

Everyone always hears that eating breakfast before they start the day, especially the school day, is beneficial in many ways.  However, despite that saying being seen as ‘cliche’, it has proven to be true in more ways than one.  

Firstly, by eating breakfast, the body’s metabolism is kick-started to be able to use and burn energy sufficiently throughout the day.  By not eating breakfast, it will retain fat easier and it will be harder to burn energy and calories throughout the day.

Secondly, by not eating breakfast, the body is be unable to function its best from the start of the day.  It will not have enough energy to conduct the daily activities and you will find itself becoming extremely fatigued early on in the day.

Lastly, breakfast can be super yummy and it’s fun to make and prepare different things in the morning, or even plan the night before.  It is also a key to try and lessen the sugar one eats for breakfast as that energy isn’t as efficient as the energy whole, healthy food provides you. If one is usually a late riser, they can also feel free to grab a piece of fruit on your way out.

School is tiring and uses a lot of  energy from walking to each class and using the brain to think about classwork.  It is imperative every student has a healthy start to their school day by eating a sufficient amount of food for breakfast.