Mr. Dave’s Food Fun!

Geoffrey Dean, Staff Writer

Mr. Dave, who many know as a pre-calculus teacher by day, is also taking his chances in the food industry.  He currently operates a restaurant, Penn’s Bar and Grill, located in Oxford.  It serves a wide variety of foods, ranging from fan favorites like nachos and wings, to old school penne pasta, the delectable “Penn’s Classic Ribeye.”  He got into the culinary industry because he is very passionate about cooking. He said his ideal job would be a chef, but the time commitment was too great, so the best alternative was owning the restaurant.  He says that owning a restaurant has given him the opportunity to showcase his recipes, but gives him a flexibility that being a chef does not accommodate. His favorite food to cook is eggplant parmesan, which unfortunately, one would not be able to find at Penn’s Bar and Grill.   His restaurant also provides several options outside of the food industry. For example, hosting sweet sixteens, proms, and conferences are all available with a reservation.

The next step in his culinary journey is opening a food truck.  “There’s a lot of drama involved with owning a restaurant that I did not anticipate,” explains Dave, “permits, licenses, etc, that food trucks don’t involve.”  His food truck will primarily serve healthy vegan/vegetarian options that taste as good as they are healthy. “I don’t want to own a ‘healthy’ food truck, like a salad truck, I want it to taste good and be something people like to eat,” says Dave.  After the ban on ordering food to Green Hope was introduced in the opening days of the school year, students are hoping that Mr. Dave will bring his fantastic recipes to Green Hope in their place. When asked if he would consider the possibility he responded, “Absolutely!  As long as Principal Summers agrees.”