The SAT Scandal

The SAT Scandal

Roshan Vridhachalam, Staff Writer

Recently on August 25th, hundreds of students sat (no pun intended) down to take the test of their lives, The SAT. Students prepare for the SAT for a long time as their goal is to absolutely crush the test and score a perfect 1600. They work for hours after school and entire weekends for so months for this one test. One of the most important things colleges look at during college admissions is the SAT. This is why students study and prepare so hard for this test.

So what? Why do we care about this test? Because it was leaked. That’s right, this SAT was given to other students abroad before. Students in China and South Korea had access to this test way before it was administered in the United States. Students from China and South Korea have flown into the US to take the August 25th SAT.

There have been previous instances of cheating on the SAT, but this time there is a lawsuit against College Board by a father of a student who took the August test. In response to all of this, College Board released a statement. At one point it states, “In response to theft and organized cheating, which affect all high stakes testing, we have significantly increased our test security efforts and resources.” College Board has recognized this issue and in response, is increasing their security and making sure cheating doesn’t happen. They also state, “Efforts include producing more test content, banning and collecting cell phones, employing lock boxes, conducting new data-driven analyses of test taker behaviors, and enhancing security measures at test centers. After every test administration, we take additional quality control steps before scores are released, including conducting comprehensive statistical analyses of certain test scores.” College Board stated that if students have an unfair advantage, they said, “…we will take appropriate actions, including canceling test scores and, in some cases, prohibiting them from taking another College Board assessment.” This means that if they determine if a student has an unfair advantage, College Board will most likely take away their scores and ban them from future tests.

One junior, Vrishank Ghosh, when asked how he felt about the last SAT being leaked, he stated “I feel a little perturbed and flustered because it is not fair that people have already seen the SAT. This means that people can actually get a good score without trying.” Many students feel the same way as Ghosh, as all their hours of studying is being topped by students who have decided to cheat rather than dedicate some time to studying.

So far, College Board hasn’t revoked the scores yet, so we’ll see how this unfolds over the next couple of weeks. This is a very important issue as people’s admissions into college are being affected by this one test. If people got a very high SAT score because they cheated, people who actually studied and tried their best, are now bumped. College Board will continue to look deeper into the issue and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.