Should Students be Allowed to Listen to Music During Tests?


Listening to music while studying.

Kaia Patel, Opinion Editor

Music is omnipresent in today’s digital world. Artists are able to influence many through powerful lyrics and messages evident in their songs. Teenagers around the world have a strong connection with music as well. It’s a way for many to unwind after a long day, destress, and listen to calming tunes that relax their minds.

Research has shown that music, mainly calm classical, has had an impact on studying. Listening to music before completing academic tasks such as testing has been shown to make results better, since the music has a calming effect on the person’s mind. Listening to music while studying also has positive effects on results, as it helps the brain better understand information. 

Music should be allowed during tests because it has obvious benefits such as helping students focus. Listening to music will improve test results, which will have a great impact on that student’s life as well. Junior Miranda Tran says, “I really think that listening to calming music helps me focus more when I’m studying. When I’m taking tests, listening to music would also help me focus just as it does when I’m studying.”

Listening to music during testing can also have its downsides, as many standardized tests obviously do not allow music during the exam. If students are used to listening to music during regular school tests to help them focus, then taking national standardized tests, like the SAT and ACT, will be surely be a wake up call.

Overall, listening to music during testing can be extremely beneficial to students, and should be allowed in school. Students will get better results, which will boost their self esteem and make them better students. Plus, schools will look good if their students’ test results are good too! Listening to music during tests should be allowed in school- let’s make it happen.