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Caroline DeMaayer:


Dear Green Hope Freshman,

My name is Caroline DeMaayer, and I am running for GHHS Freshman Student Council President!  I was president of student council at my middle school, Davis Drive, and I have experience in running events such as fundraisers and dances.  I also gave my middle school graduation speech and I love talking to and meeting new people.  However, this isn’t about what I have done in the past, this essay is about what I will do for you, this year, as your freshman president. First off, I think everyone has noticed how freezing the second floor is.  I have been caught shivering with blue lips in my classes because of how ridiculous the temperature is. I believe that this is just because of a lack of communication with the school officials, and if you vote for me as president, I will make sure to inform them and do all that I can to make this school a comfortable temperature.  Also, I have noticed the lack of attention we have gotten as an underclassman and I believe that we should have events special to us.  Whether this is a school dance or a field trip, my goal is for us to get some representation in this school. Lastly, after talking to some students, many have complained that they have little contact with their student council.  My top priority will be to listen to what YOU have to say and I plan on putting QR codes around the school so that you can send your complaints directly to me. My vice president, Steven Lee, will work with me so that we can review the complaints and do all that we can to resolve them. I will work hard to make sure that everyone has a voice in this school and I promise to be a leader that will be there for everyone. Vote Caroline DeMaayer as president and Steven Lee as vice president, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.



Your future GHHS President, Caroline DeMaayer


Anish Toomu:

Hey everyone! My name is Anish Toomu and I am running for class president for the class of 2022. I think I am adequately qualified to take up this position, and I will be able to contribute lots to our culture and school. I have a few reasons why I should be elected president which include me being social, hard-working, and wanting to do good for the school and community. These qualities make me a good candidate.

Being social would make me a great president because without talking to others, you’ll never know what the community wants. I talk to many different groups of people every day, and their concerns will be represented in my campaign. I will think of all suggestions from all people and will put this school and its students first. This creates a better experience for everyone who goes to Green Hope.

I am hard-working and that can be evidenced by my grades and my extracurricular activities. I am a straight-A student because I am dedicated and I do my best on everything. I am part of a robotics team, Team Pyrotech. I have been on it for two years and it has given me lots of leadership experience, which helps me be an effective leader. Another thing I do is play ultimate frisbee. It is one of my favorite sports and keeps me active. It teaches you how to work as a team and be unselfish.

I can contribute lots to our culture and school. One qualification I have is that I have over 150 volunteer hours with The Forge Initiative. TFI is an organization that focuses on spreading STEM knowledge to underserved communities. We volunteer in places like the Boys and Girls club and Marbles museum. My experience helps me connect with the community.

           During my presidency, I plan to create a better school environment. A freshman dance would also be on my list of priorities. All issues would go straight to me and I would work to resolve them. I hope for your vote in the upcoming election. Thanks.


Callista Holleschak:

I am excited to be running for student council Vice President.  I have a lot of experience with leadership positions and want to run for the office in order to contribute to the school and make a big difference in our school and community.  I believe that Green Hope is a great school that can become even better with good leaders in place that will work hard to represent ALL the students, and inspire passion and success in the student body and beyond.

My time in middle school prepared me well for this leadership position!  I served on the Davis Drive Middle School Student Council throughout middle school and have served as an official for many organizations inside and out of school.  I was Vice President for National Junior Honor Society in eighth grade, in charge of the school beautification Garden committee (we grew a beautiful garden!!) In eighth grade, I also served as President for National Charity League, a Mother and Daughter philanthropic organization, where I was tasked with facilitating meetings and helping to plan events.  Currently, I am Secretary for the National Charity League.

The main thing that I would like to contribute to Green Hope High School through my leadership is planning more school-wide events that are available for all grades to enjoy.   The school has many great events for students, but lacks fun events specifically for freshmen to participate in.  It is really important to have more events to help students connect with each other and build a stronger community!  I will do all that I can to make sure everyone in the school has fun events and has a place to belong at school.

I would also like to work with the administration to address the concerns of the student body.  I will listen to everyone’s concerns and will advocate for all students.  I want everyone to feel free to talk to me about his or her ideas and opinions about how to make Green Hope High School an even better place.  This year, I want everyone, not only to have a say in what goes on at the school but also to be involved with the decisions that the student council makes.  I will try my best to make sure students are well represented and are happy with all of the final decisions.

Vote Callista For Vice President!!!


Steven Lee:

Dear my fellow students

Hello, my name is Steven (Yongjae) Lee, a candidate for the vice president.

Thank you for spending your time to read this.

First and foremost, I would like to reveal myself. In the past, I was involved in many leadership clubs because many students, possibly you, have believed me. There might be times that I have disappointed you, and times that you enjoyed things, which I had planned.

Now, I am asking you to vote for me again.

From the aforementioned states, it easily inferred that I am experienced. I have held: National Junior Honor Society President (Davis Drive Middle School), Students council (2 years), and class presidents. Furthermore, I like to hear problems and be a leader. The boss, a tyrant, is not what I am; I don’t want to force or to rule but, to encourage and support you. I will do my best when I become the vice president of the freshmen. The school, with my help, will become the place of joy and jubilation.

I will promise students three things to make the school a better place. First, in the Green hope high school, when the students use a restroom, the smell that coming from restroom is inevitable. I will place air freshener for each restroom and students can use it without a need to smell. Second, I will be the vice president that can listen to your concerns and alleviate problems. The smart lunchtimes will be used to learn the students’ matters or situations that they want to discuss. I will still be happy to assist students when I am not the vice president.

Third, the tables and chairs will be placed around the school. After staying at Green Hope High School as students, I figure that lunch seats are insufficient. Some students are seating on the floor and some students cannot find the seats. Having some little tables and chairs around the school would help to resolve problems. Those things could make the school a better place.

Thank you.


Havish Shirumalla:

Hi everyone. I’m Havish Shirumalla, and I go by Havish. I am running for the role of Student Council Vice President for the class of 2022. When I was a young child, around 2nd grade, I had a dream. It wasn’t to be freshman Vice President, but it was in a role where I helped others. I thought that if I was in a position where I could give a leg up to others, there should be no reason to not do so to the fullest extent.

Why me? Why not any other candidate? Why am I qualified to be vice president? I am dedicated to anything I begin, and that is a trait that I value. I always work through any trials and tribulations that prevent me from achieving my goal. Some people call me the Russell Westbrook in the paint of achieving my goals.

           The second reason you should vote for me is that I am great at giving feedback. When anyone has an idea, I will make sure that it is properly discussed and that everyone gets a voice. I am more than willing to hear anybody out and respond to their thoughts. After all, the government is by the people and for the people. Some people call me the Oracle of giving feedback.

Third of all, I have great leadership qualities. Even though I can listen to other people, I am great at having a say in things. When I work in group projects, I work hard to keep everybody on task. When times are tough, I strive to bring myself and others out. Some people call me the FDR of being a leader.

      These are some reasons why I am a great candidate for the class of 2022 vice president. I can’t make you vote for me, but I hope I can convince you that I am the best choice. Now, I’ve said a lot of good things about myself, so it makes sense that I would confess something. So, I need to admit something. No one has ever called me Russell Westbrook, the Oracle, or Franklin Roosevelt. Please vote for me still.


Serena Muthukumarana:

Take note on the right vote!  My name is Serena Muthukumarana, and I am running for Freshmen Secretary.  I am an organized, dedicated, and friendly person. I have had previous leadership experience as being the president of Taylor Family Juniors Leaders Club, and I love volunteering and being involved around my community.  I love meeting and working with new people on a daily basis. As your secretary, I will listen to the concerns that my fellow peers have, and I will do my best to make sure they are addressed. Freshman year is tough, and I will do my best and try to make this school year as enjoyable and positive as I possibly can.  I am asking for your vote; a vote for me is a vote to better our year.


Saipranav Kosuri:  

I will try to do my best for you.


Sanath Sekharan:

My name is Sanath Sekharan and I’m here to be the Freshman Student Council Secretary. I believe that I will do the best I can out of all candidates that have applied for this position. I believe that the Green Hope Student Council needs a qualified member of the student body to run its affairs. There are other candidates that I will be performing against, but I believe that I am the most steadfast and upright candidate out of all those that are also applying for this position. To cut to the chase, I am here to convince you to spend your valuable vote for Sanath Sekharan this October 11th.

I stand on multiple sides in the debate on what the student body can do to improve the standards at our school. I believe that our student body should also have just an active voice as the student council. After all, aren’t we all spending most of our day in school? I believe that I, as Secretary, should also be approachable to anyone who has any questions or concerns about the state of our school’s affairs. A more informed student body is a much smarter student body. Concerning the students, I believe that students want more opportunities to advance their skills and intellect, so I believe that we should improve the quality of our clubs and sports, while also having equal focus on education. This will create a better student populace that will hopefully grow up to be functioning members of society.

Even before entering High School, I have made multiple attempts to better myself in the eyes of my fellow evaluators by participating in extracurricular activities. In 6th Grade, I was on the Battle of the Books Team at Davis Drive Middle School and learned some very valuable lessons. This endeavor helped myself to be able to collaborate better with others, even if they do not share the same ideals or viewpoint as me. This is a vital skill for being a Secretary, as I will need to offer my assistance to make sure all student-led projects go according to plan, and the ability to cooperate with my fellow students is one of the tools that would be beneficial to have in my toolkit. But, and pardon my mediocre analogy, any mechanic needs more than just a wrench to fix a tire.

In 7th and 8th Grade, I also participated in History Day. History Day is a nationwide competition which involves a general theme upon which presentations, papers, performances, and other pieces of history-centric work must be upheld by. This arduous extracurricular activity helped me learn how to apply myself to activities. It also enforced in me the moral that you should be able to learn from your mistakes and use even negative outcomes to improve myself. In 7th grade, my group had lost in the county-level competition, the lowest stage of the competition. Instead of groveling over this misfortune, my team and I realized the reason we lost is because other, more qualified groups, worked longer, smarter, and harder than us. That was why we lost. We immediately decided that we could not just leave the scene and not utilize that experience for next year’s competition. And that was why my group, consisting of me, Victor Shr, and Adam Cui, (who, by coincidence, is running for Student Council Treasurer and has my utmost approval) in 8th grade, took 1st place in our category. We worked longer, smarter, and harder and managed to clinch this victory from the rest of our competitors. While we moved on to state-level and didn’t advance from there, we knew that we were going to try harder next year and see how we would fare. This is the kind of ethic I plan to utilize if I were elected as Student Council Secretary.

These snippets aren’t just some hand-picked moments that I chose to feature in this paper. Overall, I have been able to prove myself academically and morally. I made honor roll all of middle school, even managing to achieve All-A honor roll all year in 8th grade. This is strong evidence that I have academic rigor, which can be applied to a multitude of situations if I was awarded the job of Student Council Secretary. I also have been volunteering to charitable organizations starting with my 5th grade Elementary book fair. I am a registered and admitted member of Cary Teen Council with over 15 logged hours since I started last summer. This shows that I’m a student who can put himself to tough tasks, and I hope you can see that this student council election.

Pracheeti Shikarkhane:

Hello! My name is Pracheeti Shikarkhane and I am running to be your Student Council Secretary. I know that being on Student Council requires a great deal of commitment, not only to the activities of the council but also to Green Hope and the student body. Being a part of Student Council requires perseverance, dedication, and optimism. I am a candidate who is qualified with all these characteristics and is also passionate about positively impacting my school. When I commit to a task, I am dedicated to it, and I make sure to follow through with quality work. I always work to the best of my abilities and maintain a positive and optimistic outlook. Being a part of student council means representing the student body and working to better it. I would be honored to be selected to represent my Freshman class as it would mean I could aid the student body and staff. Being a part of the Council also comes with many responsibilities. I know that it is important to take responsibility for my actions and effectively and efficiently carry out my duties if I get selected as secretary. As a middle schooler, I was also a student ambassador and I helped out throughout the school by helping out teachers and giving school tours to prospective students.

Green Hope high school is such a wonderful school, not only academically but also socially. There are so many different people at this school with diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. And since I am going to be here for a total of four years, I find it crucial to give back to my school. I want to contribute to the legacy of success and support that Green Hope has upheld for so many years and serve as a paragon to represent this school and the diverse and amiable student body. I am passionate about helping others, making a difference, and leading my peers, and, if I was selected as secretary, I would contribute to this school by making sure to communicate with, support, and account for my fellow peers. I would take into account what changes my classmates wanted to see done this year and make sure they were carried out. I would also help effectively aid the planning of events in the school and make sure to maintain an organized and successful school year!


Pranav Wagh:

I would like to stand for the office of Secretary in the Student Council at Green Hope High School.

I firmly believe that the Student Council plays a very important role in High School. Since the Student Council represents the entire student population, the decisions they make have a far-reaching impact in each and every class in High School. Due to my inquisitive and social nature, I cannot be a silent observer and take things or decisions for granted just because someone took them on my behalf. I would like to be a part of the decision-making process and be active in the student council group discussion, where my inputs (which are made up of inputs from the larger student body) will be taken into consideration.

I understand the foundational duties of a Secretary in a Student Council. As a Secretary of Student Council, following are some of the key tasks I will be performing:

  1. a) Attending Student Council meetings and taking the minutes of the meeting.
  2. b) Closely working with the President to plan/set the agenda of the meeting and prioritize/organize important topics.
  3. c) Following through with the actions noted down in the meeting to ensure that things are getting done.
  4. d) Be aware of what’s happening all around and be responsible for important communication.

I’m a very good listener and I am extremely meticulous, which ensures that I organize things efficiently. Being a Black belt in Taekwondo has ingrained in me essential qualities such as discipline, perseverance, focus, and hard work. Playing and winning several local and state level chess tournaments has helped me to plan ahead several moves to see how a situation may play out. My notes taking ability is legendary and that helps since it is one of the key functions of a Secretary. I have excellent communications skills which I will be able to utilize during meetings and discussions. Due to my effective communications and organizational qualities, which I was able to acquire through “Toastmasters”, I will be able to assimilate all the inputs of the larger student body into meaningful discussions for the benefit of the Student Council and the larger High School students. I am not running for the post of Secretary for the sake of running. I sincerely believe that I can bring a completely new perspective to doing this role which will not only benefit the Student Council but also will benefit the larger students of Green Hope High School.

I will bring in a tremendous amount of excitement and energy to this job. I’ll be bringing in new ideas while challenging the ‘old ways of doing things’.

If the students of Green Hope High school empower me with the responsibility of Student Council Secretary, I will do everything within my power to ensure that I represent the larger student body and assist the other members of the Student Council in taking the right decisions and benefiting the students and the school as a whole. My goals and the goals of the Student Council will coincide essentially since the final goal is to make Green Hope High School the best.

I know that trust is extremely important and to get your vote I have to earn your trust.  To earn your trust, I am willing to work hard every day. I humbly ask you to vote me, Pranav Wagh as your Freshman Student Council Secretary.

Thank You.



Kyle Chan:

Hey, my name is Kyle Chan. This year I am running for Treasurer of freshman Student Council. I understand that the Treasurer is responsible with keeping the record of the expense and revenue of Student Council. Should I get elected, I am determined to put a good effort and work closely with the other officers and members.

When I was at 11, I started to find receipts that were around the house and track down the total amount of money that my family spent on groceries during the month. It might sound a boring task, but I understand that money is very important to meet the family needs. To me, school is like a family. It also requires the members to participate and help. At school, the Student Council’s budget would support many community projects and school events. I would be honored to get involved, and I am confident that I can do a good job.

My greatest strengths are hard working and willingness to help the needy people. I had done services outside of school, including visiting nursing homes and volunteering at my local church. These experiences made me more humble and help me acknowledge the needs around me. I am also a very meticulous and organized person. I will listen to the concerns or new ideas of my classmates. Through this opportunity, I want to develop leadership skills, serve the students, and make an impact to GHHS.

One idea I have for student council is doing a fundraiser for the school orchestra. Both the band and choir have their own room, but the orchestra currently is using the dance room. Some orchestra classes, as many as 50 people, could barely fit the room. I think the orchestra needs a larger room to put their instruments as well. 

I also have some other ideas that I can share and make them come true. Please give me an opportunity to serve. I would appreciate your vote, and together we can make GHHS an even better place. Thank you!

Adam Cui:

Forget about what you can do for me; allow me to tell you what I can do for you. If I am elected as your new freshmen treasurer, I promise to manage your money wisely and put your interests first. If elected, I vow to use all funds to enhance Green Hope’s responsibilities as a school and a community. I will keep in touch with the students in order to understand what is expected from me by our grade as a whole, not just the personal preferences of the council. As your new freshman treasurer, I promise on my solemn honor and dignity, I will put you first.

Now, what qualifications do I have to be your new treasurer? I’m competent in math and my calculating faculties. I have taken a personal finance class before, and I’ve watched the crash course on economics because I was bored. (By the way, that doesn’t help your boredom in any way, shape, or form). Joking aside, due to the culture that I grew up in, I am very well aware of the limitations of income. Thus, I will be extremely vigilant in monitoring how every penny is spent, ensuring that it is all implemented efficiently. Also, I will make efforts to find new ways of cash flow and new ways to use money so that the most people possible will be positively affected by the decisions of the council.

But skills are not enough. Character is penultimate. I am a very honest person and I promise to use the funds of the student council for the well-being of the students and will not embezzle the money for personal gain. As treasurer, I will make sure that the money is spent for the sake of the students and not just the council, and all things are carried out fairly to the best of my understanding. You will find me reliable to a fault and very scrupulous and that is essential in all dealings with money.

With this knowledge, you will not find it hard to believe that I will diligently work to ascertain that all money is taken into account. I will track all accounts spent and earned, then organize and present all of the freshman spending with great detail. I will find new, fun ways to make money and fundraise (which I will solicit ideas from our student body), that do not involve going door to door and selling items. I will make sure that the freshman student body council is well funded and is able to do everything that they need to.

Lastly, I will be the voice of the freshman student body, always putting your needs first before the council. I will ask freshmen what they need, on a regular basis, and will, to the best of my abilities, deliver on what you ask based on sound judgment. If elected I will run the treasury like a well-oiled machine. I will streamline the process that money is taken out of and added into the treasury. In addition, I will aim to hear your concerns and take them directly to the council whether they be concern money or not.

It is with great honor that I run for the treasurer’s position. It will be an even greater honor if I am elected as your treasurer. I will strive to create a brighter future for the freshmen body and all of Green Hope, I say this upon my word.

Mingyu Joo:

Hey Falcons! Some of you may know me from Davis Drive Middle School, and many of you may not. For those of you who don’t know me personally, here’s my story: I was born in South Korea, and I lived there for many years of my early childhood. Soon my family moved to Colorado while I was in Kindergarten. After a few short years of living in Colorado, I went to Korea, only to move back to the States once again. Living in the United States allowed me to look at the world from different perspectives, often with a more open-minded view than I had before. But this transition from east to west wasn’t always so smooth.

There were many times when I felt disconnected from my fellow peers. For instance, my English was just beginning to develop when I first came to the US; when I went back to Korea, however, my Korean had drastically deteriorated from the years of living in the United States. Besides the linguistic barrier, the feeling of isolation I experienced wasn’t just due to one sole reason, as cultural identity and political beliefs also contributed to that effect. Today, I consider myself to be a hybrid between an English and a Korean speaker, western and eastern culture, American and Korean ideologies, etc, etc. I think this part of me is my strongest character trait when it comes to serving as a student council officer. I’ve seen and talked to so many students at Green Hope who have similar stories – people from India, South and North Korea, Spain, Mexico and many more. Hearing these stories never fail to motivate me to advocate for the voices of minorities. As evident in my passions for hearing others’ stories, I am more of a listener than a speaker, which will undoubtedly help me work in accordance with the other officers of the Student Council.

I feel that governing the student body doesn’t always have to be about pursuing rigorous agendas and policies; rather, I want the Student Council to emphasize the need for listeners who can make sure that everyone’s views are reflected at the school. For that reason, one of my main goals as Treasurer will be to start monthly or bi-weekly Student Council-sponsored meetings that are open to all students of the Freshmen Class; there, students will be able to talk to their officers about ongoing issues and also share their ideas for numerous school-wide events that the Student Council hosts. Now that you got to know a bit of myself and my personal goals, I would like to know more about you! Voting for me on Election Day will give me a platform to strengthen my visions for this school and will allow me to listen to each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay!