Student of the Month: Antonia Meneses Gomez


Julia Agius

Antonia Meneses-Gomez

Coral Aman, Copy Editor

The Green Hope Falcon’s own Antonia Meneses Gomez was selected as Student of the Month. After Hurricane Florence hit the coast of North Carolina, Antonia knew she wanted to help out. She had seen all the damage on the news and was heartbroken by the lives lost and homes and businesses that were destroyed. Antonia hopes to live in Wilmington in the future, and she has friends in that area who were affected by Florence. Antonia decided to organize a school-wide fundraiser to help those impacted by the storm, specifically the area of Wilmington. The fundraiser was named “We Wilm Rebuild.” She communicated with Mrs. Summers and other teachers at the school. Over the course of four days. Antonia created a video, flyers, and posters to spread the word about the fundraiser. She set up a donation drop off, where many Green Hope students donated supplies such as toilet paper, water, and canned foods. The fundraiser was very successful, as two trucks were filled with supplies. Antonia was surprised and happy with the results of the fundraiser and knows the supplies will benefit shelters and people in need.