Khalid “Suncity” Album Review

Hannah McCarron, Staff Writer

“Suncity” by Khalid Rate: 4.5/5 Stars

Song by Song Breakdown:

9.13– This opening track, while not necessarily a full song, is a nice “welcome” to the album. He features a sound clip of the mayor of El Paso (Khalid’s hometown) announcing him receiving the key to the city. This short 56 second track is a nice ode to Khalid’s city which he clearly loves and allows for a nice transition into the first full song.

Vertigo– This is a beautiful song. I really enjoyed the opening with the strings. It reminds me a lot of the songs from Khalid’s first album, but I’m not mad about it. One word to describe this song would be “groovy.” The lyrics are also poignant and show just how skilled Khalid is.

Saturday Nights– This is not a song I would expect from Khalid but it is a very happy surprise. It has a fantastic guitar in the background and shows a really fun side to the album.

Salem’s Interlude– This is another track that is not really a full song, but nevertheless is an important element to building this EP. It is mostly made of woman talking on what sounds like a voicemail message. It talks about what Khalid fears and the direction of his life. One lyric, “I feel like I’m not always in the correct direction, even though I know I’m on the right path,” gives a perspective to listeners about what life is like as a young superstar like Khalid.

Motion– A more subdued track, Motion is a gem on this EP. The soulful and rich vocals of Khalid shine through on this track. Personally, I think this would be a fantastic song to drive around in the car, with your windows down.

Better– The biggest jam on this EP is certainly Better.  This track is an absolute bop and encapsulates everything that Khalid fans love about his music. The beat paired, vocals, and lyrics create an incredible vibe. This song deserves all the praise it can get.

Suncity (ft. Empress of)– This song shows a whole new and fresh side to Khalid’s music. In this collaboration with Empress Of, Khalid shows off his ability to not only produce an English pop song, but also Spanish. The lyrics go back and forth between the two languages. This song is upbeat and very fun, but I’m not sure if it entirely fits with this album’s vibe. Either way I enjoy the song by itself.

Overall, this album maintains Khalid’s relatable and youthful lyrics, reminiscent of his debut album American Teen, but is able to bring more attention to his range of music, going from his classic brand of R&B with Vertigo to a more country-like tune with Saturday Nights. This album ushers in a more mature and experimental era of Khalid while staying true to the fresh sounds that made fans fall in love with his music in the first place. This is an album that everyone is sure to love.