Recap of the Commemoration for George Taylor


Hannah Petersen

Ryan Summerville and Dylan Snyder helped with gathering the materials required to make this event possible.

Ideliya Khismatova, Student Life Editor

On Thursday, November 1st, Green Hope students gathered at the falcon statue outside the school to remember the only documented lynching in Wake County. The actual lynching of George Taylor occurred on November 5th, 1918. Students collected a soil sample to be sent to the EJI museum in Alabama, where they showcase the hatred that happened during the Jim Crow era. After the collection of soil, students signed a pledge stating that they would remember victims of injustice, choose to create an opportunity for reconciliation in our community and to speak out during times of any social injustice. To learn more about this event, click here:

Other available resources include the links in the previously linked article, and you can reach out to any of the students or teachers that planned the event.

Together, we can sculpt the future to be inclusive and safe.