Danny Cho and Jeff Kulp: Soccer Newcomers Find a Home


Jeff Kulp, Sr.

Jeff and Danny at the NCHSAA State Championship match.

Patrick Dunn, Sports Writer

In 2017, the Falcons soccer team added two new players to the roster. Jeff Kulp Jr. moved to Cary from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and Danny Cho moved from Summit, New Jersey. Both have had an impressive impact on the team since their arrival. Cho plays left wing and has scored three times this year. Kulp plays center defensive midfield and has put in one goal on the season.

Cho started off the beginning of last year on the bench, sitting the first 3 games. As the season progressed, Cho played more and started a few games toward the end. Moving to a new school is always tricky, but Danny is grateful that he made the soccer team. “Moving was easy because I made the team so I already had friends when school started,” said Cho. Danny said that playing soccer in North Carolina is harder than New Jersey because the team is more competitive and more skillful. Last year Danny was interested in getting to know the guys on the team and getting comfortable playing with them, but this year he is focused on winning. “Wake County Cup, the conference, states; I just want to win”. Danny says his biggest improvement this year is that he is more solid defensively.

Jeff Kulp played only a little bit last year. He got 15-30 minutes of playing time each game but made a difference nonetheless. This year, Jeff gets more time on the field and he feels that he has played “Amazingly,” scoring one goal and totaling two assists. Jeff’s highlight of his season is the 40-yard free kick that he scored against Corinth Holders High School. Jeff agrees with Danny in that adjusting to a new school is much easier when you have a supportive soccer team surrounding you. The boys also agree on the fact that soccer in North Carolina is much more competitive than other places around the country. “It’s harder to play here,” says Kulp. Jeff’s goals for the soccer team haven’t changed since he became a Falcon. “I want to win states” is all that is on his mind.

When asked about his fellow 2017 addition, Cho said, “Jeff always works hard and gets back on defense. He also does a good job of distributing the ball.” Kulp spoke just as highly about Cho. “Danny is so much better. He is so nice this year.”

The boys have had an impressive impact on the Green Hope soccer team in the two years they’ve been here. Both of them have completed their goal of a state title, as the team defeated Myers Park 4-1 last Saturday. Danny Cho led the team with two assists. The two additions will now be setting their sights on what lies ahead after their lives in high school.