Vivek Ramesh Commitment


Vivek Ramesh

Vivek in the middle of the match.

Brandon Morton and Kohl Abrams

Vivek Ramesh is a Senior at Green Hope High School. Vivek has been on Varsity all 4 years and has been a standout on the team. Vivek blossomed his Sophomore year, winning 14 out of his 15 matches. Vivek is not only a star on the court by is also a great student. He will be taking his academic and athletic skills to Idaho University next year where he will be a Vandal

1. When did you begin playing Tennis?
“When I was 8 years old.”

2. What was the most memorable moment in your high school career?
“When I clinched the win versus Panther Creek to go undefeated in the season.”

3. What inspired you or pushed you to pursue Tennis at the collegiate level?
“I just have been playing for a long time and playing tennis is the end goal for me.”

4. What schools were you considering during your recruitment process?
“Louisville, ECU, UNCG, UNCC, and SMU”

5. What made Idaho stand out?
“They had a new coach and he really wanted me there and gave me a good offer.”

6. Who was the most impactful person throughout your youth athletic career?
“My coach Derek because he raised me since I was ten and traveled with me to all my tournaments.”

7. What major do you plan on pursuing?
“I plan on majoring in Biology.”