A Falcon Holiday Gift Guide


Sonia Rao

Having trouble coming up with come great gift ideas? Fear no more, our holiday list is here to help.

Kaia Patel and Anna Dunn

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is surely getting their wish lists ready. But what if you’re in a pickle with not knowing what to get certain family members or friends? As high schoolers, we’re obviously not made of money. So as a helpful way to buy gifts for your loved ones, while at the same time not breaking the bank, The Green Hope Falcon has compiled this awesome list of affordable gifts to buy this holiday season:

  1. One of the funniest gifts to give and receive is this Dancing Jesus, which includes a bobblehead figurine of Jesus and a book with dance instructions so you can learn to do “religious” dances like the “Temptation Tango” and the “Lazarus Lurch.”  This Dancing Jesus may seem a little sacrilegious, but as a Catholic, I can confirm that its very entertaining. (Amazon)
Amazon’s Dancing Jesus

2. For one of your…quirkier friends, we suggest this funky Nic Cage sequin pillow that has a hidden surprise when you uncover the sequins. It will definitely become your new cuddle buddy!

Amazon’s Nic Cage Pillow

3. For all of your overachieving friends in AP English, this Shakespearean insult generator is the perfect quirky gift for them. This will surely get a giggle out of the insultee, and fellow onlookers.

Amazon’s Shakespeare Insult Generator


4. Another great gift for  friends, and definitely NOT parents, is Cards Against Humanity.  This is the perfect card game to play when you need a good laugh.  The Amazon description also boasts that this game is “Americans #1 gerbil coffin” so if you’re in the market for that, that’s a bonus.

Amazon’s Cards Against Humanity

5. For your friends who seem like an up and coming genius, this waterproof notepad will be perfect for them to jot down their “shower thoughts.” This will keep those strokes of genius you oftentimes get in the shower (“buy shampoo”) safe for future readings.

Amazon’s Waterproof Notepad

6. For any of you day drinkers out there, you can get a cute bouquet of wine charms for only $9.95.  This is also the perfect gift for any suburban moms on their tennis-playing breaks to keep their glasses safe.  

Amazon’s Flower Wine Charms

7. The best gift to give is an experience, and the best experience to give is a trip to the infamous South Of The Border.  An anonymous reviewer called this, “If you live on the East Coast, you have definitely seen this place on your way down to Myrtle Beach, Florida, Hilton Head, basically any beach. Everyone knows the stupid sombrero and billboards. Growing up, kids had many a good time when that sombrero would pop into view from the windshield. But nowadays, you drive by and can’t help to think of all the drugs that have been smuggled through there, escorts hired at the motel, and the organized crime that has sure occurred. If you’ve ever stopped to go to the bathroom in the throes of desperation, you definitely locked the doors and checked twice. It’s sad to see the chipped paint, sad workers, and rundown stores, but weirdly fascinating. It’s something you have to see, but you really don’t want to. If you’re staying at the motel, maybe bring a hazmat suit.”  That says it all. If I received a trip to South Of The Border for Christmas, I would be incredibly happy.

South of the Border