Widows Movie Review


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Caity Dawes, Staff Writer

Widows, directed by Steve McQueen, is a clever, thrilling heist movie that always keeps the viewer on their toes. This plot is always two steps ahead of the viewers, and the acting is all around Oscar worthy. All in all, the movie gives two hours of action-packed viewing that will keep you entertained the whole way through.

The plot revolves around three widows who are forced to cover their dead husband’s debts from heists and robbing. The victims of their husbands turn to the widows, threatening for money or else. The women are brilliantly played by Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, and Michelle Rodriguez. Set in the depths of Chicago, the women have to pull off their husband’s last-planned heist in order to get the corrupt men of their backs. Politics of the poor neighborhoods of Chi-town get entangled in the story, and soon, every character’s true story is revealed. Full of twists, the plot is always evolving, with the audience never feeling safe to assume anything about these characters.

The setting of Chicago is the perfect backdrop for such a deep, political story. The setting amazingly shows the contrast between the rich and the poor, and also, the obstacles that both face. The crazy world of politics is discussed, with two parties, representing the wealthy and the less fortunate. The dirty world of government connects the three women to an even deeper goal: beating the powerful men above them in order to protect themselves. The movie comments on American society today, slyly commenting on topics like gun control, gerrymandering, racism, and sexism. The camera shots even hold some deeper meaning, with the angles showing much more than just meets the eye. The cinematography really contributes to the plot, with the blank angles with only dialogue heard.

The supporting cast features Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell,  Robert Duvall, and Jon Bernthal. The twists in the plot make this film worth it. Widows proves to be not only an empowering, thrilling story but also a complex story that keeps the audience entertained and enthralled.