US – Mexico Border Altercation


US Mexico border at Tijuana

Roshan Vridhachalam, Staff Writer

The United States of America and Mexico have always had an interesting historical relationship. Mexico, founded in 1810, and the U.S., founded in 1776, are two of the three bordering countries in the North American continents. Before they were founded, the U.S. was a colony of Great Britain and Mexico was a colony of Spain. Mexico and the United States have also fought in the past. The Mexican-American War (called the Mexican War to Americans and the American Intervention in Mexico to Mexicans) lasted two years from 1846 to 1848. The U.S. ended up winning that war gaining present-day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico, which was approximately ⅓ of its territory. Texas later gained independence and was eventually admitted into the US.

Despite their past,  Mexico and the United States are in good relations, or at least they seem to be. Mexico has many internal problems, a big one being immigration and emigration. Many people come to Mexico from South America illegally to try to get to the United States. When President Donald Trump was running for office, one of the most controversial parts of his platform was to build a wall at the border between the US and Mexico. He stated that the wall would be built by and paid for by Mexico. Let’s just say Mexico did not take that statement lightly. They responded to Trump’s tweets about the wall with a tweet of their own stating very specifically that were not going to fund and pay for the wall.

Around March, a caravan of people, starting at around 160 but later rising to around 500,  left Central America to get to the United States border. Their plan was to go through Mexico and eventually end up at the US border, with hopes of being admitted in. The caravan, while in Mexico, also gained more people, with some reports stating that it has over 5,000 people. Recently, the caravan clashed at the US border. Police and military police were armed with batons and shields but not pistols, according to officials.

The US has stated that “rocks and other projectiles” were thrown at agents at the border but the more important news was that agents at the border were throwing tear gas into the crowd of immigrants. There is a big question on whether it was a legal move or not by the United States.

This is a big problem, as thousands of people are trying to get to the US, but are not being allowed. Families of women and children are without much food and water, but aren’t allowed to get more in the US. These events raise concerns of social, political, and health issue which the United States and Mexico must resolve as soon as possible.