Status Update: Juniors


Julia Agius

Green Hopes student Bilal Azzam in distress due to the harrowing obstacles of junior year.

Bilal Azzam, News Editor

As students in Green Hope, we all know that Junior year is the most intense and rigorous course of our careers. Any interaction with a junior student, especially during finals or AP Exams may result in a nervous breakdown. Now that first semester finals have rolled through and students were able to take a short mental break, it was the perfect opportunity for a quick status update by a few juniors with a heavy AP workload.

“Stress became such a large part of my life, that I can’t imagine living without it”.

“The endless nights I’ve spent studying and ingesting information took all chances of sleep away from me. Sleep is a thing of the past, and I’ve learned to accept that”.

The quotes above are the direct words of juniors who are currently balancing 5-6 AP classes this year. Many other juniors describe their restless nights as study sessions filled with tears and fear. The amount of care put into grades by these students is impressive, and it is believed to be a result of the competitiveness rooted in Green Hope.

Highlights of many AP heavy juniors’ first semester include:

Students’ very first LEQ: The strictly junior class APUSH proved that it wasn’t all facts and history when students were introduced to the “Long Essay Question”. Not only did students have to know a great deal of content to understand what they were writing about, but they had follow a strict guideline to structure their writing, and undergo even stricter grading. It can safely be said that no APUSH student will ever forget their first LEQ.

The Great Wetland Race: AP Environmental Science is by no means an easy class, but that never stopped it from being fun. As finals were approaching, there was no better way to relieve students’ stress than a little friendly competition. During this race, students got wet and wild in the wetlands, as they raced down the stream knee deep, and sometimes head deep, in water.

And finally, the infamous AP Calculus AB Scandal…but we won’t talk about that. 

Overall, Juniors this year have gone through a bumpy and curvy road, and they’re only halfway through. As a good classmate and peer, it is your responsibility to tell these juniors everything will be just fine. If you pass by a junior in the hallway, give them a pat on the back for reassurance. Even a smile can go a long way.