Answering All Your Questions About Green Hope’s Flex Schedule


Green Hope High School

The proposed schedule for Green Hope’s FLEX testing period.

Julia Agius and Jordan Barish

Green Hope has recently announced that starting in February, they will be implementing a trial run of a Flex Schedule. The Flex schedule is currently in place at Cary High School and is meant to provide struggling students with more time with the teacher for extra help. Green Hope administration hopes to see the success that Cary has had with this new routine. The week’s agenda will look like this:

Monday will run as a normal day.

Tuesday will have a flex period after first period for 25 minutes.

Wednesday will have a flex period after second period for 25 minutes.

Thursday will have a flex period after third period for 25 minutes.

Friday will have a flex period after fourth period for 25 minutes.

(See official schedule above.)

Essentially, 30 minutes are added to the end of each class period on their specific days: first period has 30 extra minutes on Monday, second period on Tuesday, third period on Wednesday, and fourth period on Thursday, with Friday having a regular bell schedule.

At Cary, the Flex schedule is used to motivate students to raise their grades. On Tuesdays, students with A’s or B’s in their second period can spend the 30 Flex minutes as extra time to eat lunch and on Thursdays, students with high grades in their fourth period can go home 30 minutes early.

Green Hope plans on utilizing the Flex schedule differently. For starters, Mondays will have a normal bell schedule while first period gets extra time on Tuesday, second on Wednesday, etc. The Flex schedule at Green Hope aims to provide all students with more enrichment rather than use it to have more one-on-one time with struggling students. Some administrators feared that using the Flex schedule in a similar way to Cary would cause students to feel singled out. By keeping all students in the class for the entirety of the Flex period, students who do need more help have the time to receive it and those that don’t have the time to be productive with other tasks. The trial period for the Flex schedule will go from February 11th to March 1st. If it is successful there may be another trial later in the year in the hopes that the 2019-2020 school year can fully implement the schedule year-long.

If implemented next school year, flex time will replace required tutorials, though lunch tutorials will still be offered. However, as we try this schedule, all students will receive only one tutorial credit for each class from the flex time. It is expected that teachers will use flex time for different material than class time. Additionally, students are expected to use this time efficiently. It is not meant to be a free period, as students should be productive during this time. This new agenda allows for a more efficient lunch period. Classrooms will be more accessible for club meetings and lunch can be a more enjoyable time for students. As said in this project’s mission statement, “Flex Time empowers the Green Hope High School Community with intentional opportunities to respond to the unique and diverse needs of all students.” This new schedule hopes to do just this by creating a more practical means of assistance from our teachers.

It remains to be seen whether this flex schedule will become the future for Green Hope.