Furry Falcons: Brutus the Bulldog


Coral Aman

Brutus the Bulldog

Coral Aman and Ideliya Khismatova

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Brutus, the four-year-old English Bulldog and Bullmastiff mix, is the beloved pet of two sisters here at Green Hope, Coral and Liz Aman. Coral, a senior, loves to take naps with him after school, while Liz, a sophomore, enjoys playing with Brutus after he wakes up from his nap.

Brutus is a rescue dog from Wilmington, North Carolina. He first lived with a young couple for several years, who often tied him up in the yard, leaving him alone for days. After calls from concerned neighbors, a bulldog rescue foundation picked him up. Brutus spent the next few months living with a fun foster family, who had three other dogs.

In April of 2017, Coral and Liz’s family from drove up to Wilmington and met Brutus and his foster dad at Petsmart. Right away, their family fell in love with this gentle giant. He was rolling around on the floor and jumping with excitement to see them. Thirty minutes later, Brutus was in the back of his new car, on the way to his new forever home in Cary, NC.

We asked Liz what her favorite memory of her and Brutus was, and she said that it was when she took him on a walk and he stopped in the middle of the road because he didn’t want to walk anymore. Each time her family attempts to take Brutus on a walk, he stops either at the end of the street, or, on his laziest days, at the end of the driveway. Brutus weighs 100 pounds, so there is no chance of moving him anywhere. Liz’s family had to buy Brutus a harness to get him to finally walk more than a few feet.

Brutus’s main quality is that he is very lazy. His perfect day involves sleeping in his giant bed and only getting up to eat food. Brutus loves to eat food, so if there is ever a day when he is not eating, something is wrong. This bulldog may be a little fat, but he is always sweet and loving. His favorite time of day is when his family comes home. This is one of the only occasions he will get out of bed. When the door opens and someone enters the house, Brutus sprints over to see who is there. He wags his tail and runs around crazily for several minutes.

Brutus also happens to be very photogenic. He puts up with many photoshoots and is kind of a celebrity. Coral and Liz created an Instagram account for Brutus. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at brutuss.the.bulldog to keep up with his daily adventures!

If Brutus could talk, he would say “Please cover me up with my blanket and let me sleep!!”