Aladdin 2019 Thoughts


Copyright the Walt Disney Company, 2018

The poster for the new Aladdin movie, coming 2019.

Tucker Price, Staff Writer

Stop it, Disney.

The second trailer for the live action Aladdin movie debuted during the Grammys last night, and fans have been severely disappointed in everything about the movie so far…well, almost everything. Although the first trailer released wasn’t that bad. For the most part, the CGI trailer was beautiful, and the first look at the actual Aladdin character was quite promising. At that point, it looked as if Disney seemed to understand their wrongdoings of whitewashing characters in the past. There was a glimmer of hope that implied that they had learned from their previous mistakes.

However, it seems that Aladdin hopefuls had spoke too soon. The casting of iconic characters such as Jafar and Genie looks to be their first huge mistake. The first voice you hear in the trailer is that of Jafar, which is a terrible idea from the start. In the original film, the voice of Jafar was serious. It was the traditional voice of someone inherently evil; gruff, while also full of charisma, sleazy as well as soothing. The voice of Jafar is a classic element in the original film that should not be taken lightly. In the trailer, however, Jafar’s voice is now that of a young adult, and is neither intimidating, nor in any way charismatic. His voice is too smooth, high pitched, and in no way embodies that of a villain. It is clear to see that the lack of an interesting or intimidating villain will inevitably be one of the films’ downfalls.

The next jarring moment from the trailer is the moment you see the city of Agrabah, where the movie is to take place. The color palette is disgusting; the original color palette is completely ignored and exchanged for an oversaturated mess of colors. This was a huge surprise for me, as the director of this rendition of Aladdin, Guy Ritchie, is known for his gritty reboots of classic stories. It almost seems as if he was forced into this style by Disney executives for a wider appeal, which seems to be a growing theme in plenty of newly made Disney films. There is no underlying theme to the visual design, and the end result may only be described as uninspired.

The whole world appreciates Robin Williams for the comedic visionary he was, playing the part of Genie perfectly. His vocal performance was full of constant energy that embodied what a genie should be, and the animation team in charge of Genie did his voice lines complete justice, making the movements of the genie as erratic as his humor and speaking style.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the newest, disgustingly horrible creation of Disney’s new genie– Will Smith, for some reason, was chosen to fill the shoes of Robin Williams as the genie. As we see in the final shot of the trailer, this was a clearly misguided decision. Not only does his Genie look like a creature from Avatar, his line delivery was calm and unconvincing, the exact opposite of what the Genie should be. For a first impression of this new casting choice, it was probably the worst that Disney’s marketing team could have made.

Both the internet and students at Green Hope are unimpressed by the trailer, as a whole. The people I have shown the trailer to have visibly cringed at the genie reveal, and the internet has basically had a temper tantrum.

Although the movie looks pretty terrible now, there is a genuine possibility that it could be better than the trailer shows it to be. Disney could easily prove me wrong, and I wish on all the genie lamps in the world that they do.