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Tips for Choosing Classes for Next Year

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Tips for Choosing Classes for Next Year

Hannah McCarron and Caity Dawes

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It’s that time of year! Registration for classes is now live and we must now start to make some decisions on what our schedules next year will look like. You can register from now until March 8th in your Powerschool account.

Tips for when you are deciding your classes:

  • Don’t choose classes just because your friends are taking them

It can be tempting to sign up for a class just because you know someone else is signing up for it too. But don’t fall into this trap. Take a class because you want to. You will have more fun and probably learn more.

  • Take teacher recommendations into account

Your teachers spend almost every day with you and see the type of student you are. They want to make sure that next year, you are in a class that perfectly challenges you while also being manageable in your schedule. When they recommend you for a class you don’t have to act upon what they say, but you should listen because it is often very helpful.

  • Challenge yourself

We all have been in a boring class at least once in our scholastic careers. It is an awful experience. Avoid this by taking classes that aren’t in your comfort zone, and push yourself to take hard classes if you can.

  • Take classes that actually interest you

Along with taking classes that challenge you, take some that interest you. If you have a passion, pursue and use the resources that our school provides to learn as much as you can.

  • Pick alternates you wouldn’t mind getting

Classes fill up, people transfer, and teachers leave. The electives you signed up for may not happen for you and you could very well end up with an alternate. Pick alternates that aren’t the absolute worst.

  • Ask people who have taken the class if you’re unsure about it

If you are thinking about a class, ask someone who has taken the class before. They will know all about the teacher, the curriculum and the rigor. It’s better to get an honest opinion than going into a class not knowing what’s in store for you.

  • Make sure you will end up with enough credits

In order to graduate, there are required credits for each type of class. For example, you need 10 elective credits to graduate. When you’re signing up, make sure you are on track to get enough credits.

  • Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone

If the class interests you but it might be a little scary, just take it. Chances are it will be a great decision.

  • Get the right application for application-only classes

Some classes like PEPI and Leadership in Media require an application in order to be in the class. Make sure you talk to the class’ teacher to get information about the application process.

  • Think about class workloads

Some classes are super easy but have a lot of homework. Some are difficult but rarely give work outside of class. You know yourself best so find out what classes work for you and your schedule.

  • Take your extracurriculars into account when planning your schedule

Again, some classes require a lot of effort and time outside of class. Your schedule outside of school may interfere. When signing up, think about your other commitments.

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Hannah McCarron, Staff Writer

Hannah is a Junior and this is her first year of the staff of The Falcon. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and traveling the world....

Caity Dawes, Staff Writer

Caity Dawes is a Junior, and this is her first year on The Falcon. She grew up in Rhode Island, and moved to North Carolina in 2007. Caity is most excited...

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Tips for Choosing Classes for Next Year