March: The Long Haul


Green Hope High School Calander

There seem to be a lack of days off....

Caity Dawes, Staff Writer

March is an odd time. Smack dab in the middle of winter and spring, it taunts you with its roller coaster of temperatures. March is the long haul in the school year. So close to summer, yet so far. By now, all the workdays and holidays have most likely been removed due to the 1 inch of snow we got in December. You think you’re almost done, but there’s still another quarter left.

As students, this long haul can be mentally, emotionally and physically taxing. By March, we are sick of having to wake up at 6:00 AM everyday, roll out of bed, and rush out the door when our friend picks us up at 7:18. We are sick of walking down to the mods in the rain and risking our lives—the mods having been built downhill, basically on a swamp. We are definitely sick of having to walk up three flights of stairs, every day for a whole year, yet it never gets easier. That motivation we had in August? Gone. The excitement of new classes? That left a week into the semester. Thriving in classes and working to finish strong? Not a chance.

It may seem like students’ mentalities make this time of year worse, but can you blame us? This year, the WCPSS only scheduled two days off. Well, really, 1.5, as one is an early release day. 1.5 days. C’mon Wake County! Plus, WCPSS’s eagerness to cancel school at the mere mention of a dusting has caused other holidays and workdays to be removed throughout the year. Right now, all we have is spring break, which our beloved school system put in April. Nope, not the beginning of April, but right in the middle. We’ve got a long way to go ‘til mid-April.

Students, just hold on. Hold tight until April 13th. When you have to stay up until 1 in the morning, just to finish a paper, think about spring break. When you have to do another part of a project because your partner got ‘sick’, think about summer. March may be the long haul, but the long, long wait will make spring break and summer vacation all the sweeter.