Apex Legends, A Successor to Fortnite?


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Mason Barish, Staff Writer

Fortnite has dominated the game industry, ever since its battle royale mode was released. It has inspired many companies to seek the same success in the massive, multiplayer fighting genre. Games such as Realm Royale from Hi-Rez, Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, and Islands of Nyne have been the biggest successes. It is hard to forget Fortnite’s predecessor, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, deemed PUBG. However, throughout this craze, none of these games have come close to claiming Fortnite’s immense title; having brought countless streamers success and resulting in big tournaments, hosted by nearly anyone with money who is looking for a good time. Fortnite has been the most watched and streamed game for nearly a year now on Twitch, and there are still countless videos produced everyday about anything going on in the game. Fortnite has never been topped for views on Twitch, for anytime over 10 days, since its first major success, back in the 3rd season of the game. That was, until Apex Legends was released.

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game, and the newest game from Respawn Studios, the developers of the Titanfall series. It was released instead of Titanfall 3, and has been well received by players and streamers on Twitch. Popular players such as Shroud, Ninja, and Summit1G have streamed the game and seem to enjoy it. It was released on February 4th, and, only a week after its release, it now has 25 million players and 2 million online players at a time. It was highly rated by most game reviewers, such as Gamespot, IGN, and PC Gamer. The game contains the popular hero shooter elements found in Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, and combines them with the battle royale mode. There are 8 characters in all, each with their own different abilities. I asked students of Green Hope about why they like Apex Legends, and if they think it will grow over Fortnite: 

Bruce Reier said,“It is more competitive and it has a faster pace than Fortnite. It is just better.” 

Sam Lloyd: “It was kinda cool and was fun the first time I played it.”

Gitansh Sharma: “Fortnite will still be popular, but Apex Legends is more fun and refreshing.”

Miles Bratter: “I enjoy the game, but Fortnite is more fun since all my friends play it.”

From these opinions, it seems that Fortnite is here to stay, being more accessible due to it not needing extremely advanced hardware to play. It is also better for playing with more friends, considering the fact that Fortnite allows up to 4 people to play with each other, while Apex Legends sits at 3. Overall, they are both competing games in the same genre, Fortnite having been around longer, and Apex Legends being a refreshing change of scenery for some. Time will tell which game remains popular.