Want to Destress? Watch These Shows.

Feeling stressed? Settle down and watch a bake-off to take your mind off things.


Feeling stressed? Settle down and watch a bake-off to take your mind off things.

Caity Dawes, Staff Writer

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High school can be stressful. It’s a fact of life. Luckily for our generation, we were given a gift from the gods: Netflix. These tools will help students by taking their minds off things and getting them buried in the passionate throes of a new series. Here are some good shows and movies on Netflix that can surely calm students down and help relieve school from their minds.

Gilmore Girls: This 7-season series centers around a mother and daughter living in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Full of simple pleasures, this show is entertaining enough to keep the audience watching, yet slow enough to not require constant attention. The happening of the Gilmore Girls and of the other townspeople will quickly capture your mind and calm you down.

Jeopardy: Sometimes, school makes you feel dumb. We’ve all been there. You know what doesn’t make you feel dumb? Getting a question right on Jeopardy. Sit back and soak up the information or actually go for the questions, it’s up to you. Either way, this American classic will take your mind off calculus and make you focus on other topics you’re actually good at. Pop culture questions? Yes please. Relaxing for 600, Alex.

The Great British Baking Show: This show may seem like it’s made for elderly women, but it has found an audience in stressed-out teens that need a mental vacation. Halfway into an episode, you’ll find yourself criticizing the burnt edges of someone’s bread loaf. You’ll be the new Martha Stewart, minus the prison sentence. The British contestants with their smooth accents and calming demeanors prove to be relaxing.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo: You know those satisfying videos on instagram that shove you into a deep hole of scrolling? Well this show is basically a series full of satisfaction. When you see Marie Kondo, a sweet little woman, transform people’s lives, all by cleaning up their house, your mind will be cleaned as well.

Comedians in Car Getting Coffee: If you’re stressed out and need a laugh, this show is a good option. Follow Jerry Seinfeld, an American icon, as he takes other comedians out for coffee in classic cars. With the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, and Kevin Hart, you’re guaranteed a laugh or two. When you’re listening to famous comedians telling stories of the industry, you’ll feel like a fly on the wall. Put the homework aside and get laughing!