How to Survive AP Exams

How to Survive AP Exams

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AP Exam week can be stressful. There is so much to do and so little time that we can forget how to balance it all. However, it is not impossible to succeed as long as you remind yourself to do these things.


  • Get a lot of sleep: Your instinct may be to stay up all night cramming, but a good night’s sleep helps more than you think



  • Eat a healthy breakfast: The day of your exams, it is crucial to prepare yourself in the best way possible. Do this by filling yourself up with a healthy breakfast that can get you through the day.



  • Go to review sessions: If your class offers review sessions before the exam, you might want to consider going. Teachers can offer really helpful tips and tricks that they know will help you succeed and reach your goals.


  • Find a quiet place to study– You’ll get the most out of studying if you’re not distracted, so head to a library or even a Starbucks
  • Take breaks while studying- Staying up all night studying for 7 hours straight will just stress you out. Every 45 minutes, reward yourself with a 15 minute break


  • Use online resources: Everybody loves Quizlet, including students that are facing the dreaded AP exams



  • Look over notes: If you’re pressed for time, look over notes of the units you didn’t do so hot in. It’s better than nothing!


  • Reach out to your friends– Everyone’s having a hard time balancing their workload this week. Check in on one another and make sure you and your friends are handling themselves okay.

Good luck and happy studying!