Tips for Junior Year


Wikimedia Commons

Caity Dawes, Staff Writer

If you’re a rising junior, you may be a little scared right now. I’m sure you’ve heard the war stories by now. The long, sleepless nights, the AP exams, the constant worrying of getting through the year. However, you may not have heard the good things about junior year. While junior year can be a little tough, it’s also a time for growth and fun times. Here are some tips to not only survive junior year, but to thrive.


  • Take challenging, but not overwhelming classes: Self explanatory.
  • Start extracurriculars: It’s never too late to build your resume.
  • Take standardized tests: I know they suck, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone: Put yourself out there a little bit.
  • Meet new people: Maybe introduce yourself to that person you’ve always had a class with but awkwardly avoided.
  • Take some interesting electives: Yes, take your AP’s and all that, but take some classes that interest you and maybe help alleviate stress.
  • Get on good terms with teachers: They most likely will write your college recommendations so be nice.
  • Start thinking about college: The dreaded C-word.
  • Attend some GH games: Friday night lights sure do take your stress away.
  • Start thinking about possible careers: Even just a little.
  • Get a job: If school-sponsored extracurriculars aren’t your thing, find something you’ll actually get paid for doing.
  • Tour colleges: You gotta start somewhere.
  • Shadow careers of interest: It’s better you know now that you hate a job rather than after your put yourself in massive debt after 4 years.