Hopes for Hurricane Season

Mason Barish , Staff Writer

    There seems to be a trend each fall as school begins, an ominous hurricane forms and makes its grand journey up the coast to visit Cary. While students are overjoyed for a possible disaster relieving them of school for a few days, the county could not be more unprepared. Missing so many days can completely alter any semester schedules that teachers may have had, making the rest of the semester improvisation. This may also result in students receiving loads of work down the line, if they are required to complete things they would have done earlier. 

    Another problem lies in the way the county manages missed days. Hurricane days can cause WCPSS to try and take risks down the line. For example, WCPSS will try and salvage missed days with 2 hour delays or early releases when there is snow, even though the conditions with the snow may be worse than what was going on when the hurricane was over Cary. WCPSS needs to be more careful and honest with themselves when they determine whether or not schools should be cancelled. When so many of these days are taken up, eventually chunks of spring break risk being taken out. Spring break is a much needed break for many, and some poor decisions made 6 months earlier can influence how much of a reprieve spring break could be. 

    Though it sounds like I may be brushing hurricanes aside as some peaceful force, I assure you, I still understand that hurricanes are one of Mother Nature’s most powerful enforcers. I’m not hoping for students to try and go to school by walking through flooded neighborhoods, but WCPSS shouldn’t just cancel for a week in advance, and should be less quick on the draw. A couple days off wouldn’t do irreparable damage to the schedule or a bank of stored days.