Antonio Brown’s Journey to the Patriots

Antonio Brown becomes a member of the New England Patriots

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Antonio Brown becomes a member of the New England Patriots

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Antonio Brown is arguably one of the greatest wide receivers to play in the history of the NFL. Brown has lead the NFL in touchdown receptions over the past five seasons, and by a substantial margin, as seen in the chart below.

His impeccable football talent has provided him with leeway and multiple second chances to recover from all the drama going on with the Oakland Raiders.

The NFL banned the model of helmet Brown had been wearing his entire career, and in response, he threatened to retire from the NFL. They responded to his situation on Twitter, briefly explaining that the helmet is not approved and cannot be worn. Brown soon overcame this issue and picked out a new helmet.

Antonio Brown was later fined for missing a mandatory walk-through and he went straight to social media calling out his organization. He then recorded a private phone call with head coach, Jon Gruden, and posted it on social media.

Jon Gruden responded “Wow. I love it! Loved it! I love it!”. This is not the response many anticipated he would have, which has led people to believe he put on a fake reaction in order to keep peace with Antonio Brown. The team later threatened to suspend Antonio for his actions and void the $30 million guaranteed in his contract. He immediately wanted out of the team, and on September 7th he went directly to social media with a post saying “release me.”

On the same day, the Oakland Raiders decided they had enough of Antonio Brown and officially released him. After the release, many jokes were made about the Hall of Fame coach, Bill Belichick, reaching out to Antonio Brown in regards to join their already strong receiving corps. Just a couple hours later, the New England Patriots reached out to Antonio Brown and agreed on a $15 million dollar deal with $10 million guaranteed. This left many in shock, and has made the Patriots even larger contenders for the Super Bowl.