Investigation Station: Homecoming

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

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Hey Detectives! Today we are going to get to the bottom of the Homecoming mystery. When is it? Is it a carnival? Can everyone go? Are we even doing anything for Homecoming? Grab your magnifying glass and let’s investigate. 

Every year juniors and seniors spend hours planning their perfect Homecoming. Girls pick out the perfect dress and find dates for their special night. Green Hope students are awaiting details in order to begin preparing. 

A rumor was going around that Homecoming was going to be in early September. The Homecoming football game is on September 20th, which made students believe that the dance would be on the Saturday after, September 21st. However, Homecoming is suspected to be one of the many things to change with the new administration. The event, normally exclusive to upperclassmen, might be opened to all grade levels. By doubling the amount of people that are allowed to go, the Green Hope cafeteria may not be big enough for the dance. 

From what parents and students have heard, the principal says that there will definitely be a dance. Although, there is no set date yet. The Homecoming football game is still scheduled for September 20th. There will be a vote for Homecoming court, like past years. The court will be presented at the game, even though there is no dance the night afterward. There is also Spirit Week during the week of  September 15th, before game. Students will have a chance to dress up during school hours and show some school spirit. However, this does not seem to be enough for the students, because they’re still wondering when the actual dance is. Anna Dunn, a Green Hope senior, says, “I don’t really care if underclassmen have a homecoming. I just care that we have a homecoming.” 

A senior class representative shares, “What will most likely happen is that we will have a dance and it will take place sometime in October. It will probably be called a fall formal and all classes will be allowed to come.” We will have to wait and see what occurs, but it seems that students shouldn’t worry too much about the fate of the dance.

A student council member leaves us with the message, “I think the changes occurring to the school system due to the new administration team, new policies, and new expectations, definitely have had an impact on the arrangement of the homecoming dance and while the delay is unpleasant (and understood), student government and administration are currently working together to organize a dance for students as soon as possible and it is most likely that it will be held in the fall and will be available to all grades.”