Oh Captain My Captain: Katie Andrieni’s Senior Season


Jay Ackerson

Caity Dawes, Sports Editor

Since freshman year, Katie Andreini has been a key member of the Green Hope tennis team helping bring home two state championships. Andreini has worked hard on the court and in the classroom. In 2018, Katie won Most Valuable Player of the state championship. This year, she won HighschoolOT Women’s Tennis Player of the Year.

Now, she’s looking towards the future.

So far, the team has gone four and four and they’re looking to continue their streak. “I’m happy with how the season is going so far. I’m really impressed with how every player has shown up, stepped up to the plate, and fought for the team,” says Katie.

Based on their recent seasons, it’s not foolish to assume the Falcons are due for another successful season with a deep playoff push. This year, the team wants their third state title, with Andreini saying “Every year the goal for this team has been the state championship, and we’re going to do everything we can to achieve that…” 

This year, Andreini has something else to be excited about. Along with Reilly Major, she serves as a co-captain of the team, a role she takes very seriously. When asked about her responsibility as a captain, she says that “As a captain and a senior, my responsibility is to be a role model for the rest of the players to look up to, displaying good character on and off the court, and holding them accountable for the expectations of Green Hope tennis.”

This season, her last as a Falcon, is an important stepping stone for her future. As she looks toward her future as a tennis player, she reminisces about her career. “The hardest obstacle I’ve had to overcome and continue to work on as a tennis player is definitely the mental aspect, specifically the confidence.” She goes on to add “Tennis is a mental game – every player needs to find their own confidence within themselves.”

Her journey has not been easy, but now she is excited about her future and clear about her goals. “My current goal is to play at a Division 1 college on a full athletic scholarship for tennis,” Katie says. Wherever tennis takes Katie, she has no doubt she will still be in love with the sport.

“The thing I love most about tennis is competing. The thrill of pulling out a 4 hour, 3 set battle or winning the clinching match for your team is a feeling I live for.”