Humans of Green Hope

Humans of Green Hope

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

Humans of Green Hope is based on a book series called “Humans of New York” created by Brandon Staton. Brandon Staton is a photographer who interviews people on the streets of New York. He takes portraits of the people he meets and accompanies their pictures with quotes from interviews and stories. 

The purpose of “Humans of Green Hope” is to highlight Green Hope students and the stories they have to share. People interviewed will have the opportunity to tell the school something about themselves. It gives students a platform to share a cool story or express something that’s important to them.

When interviewed, a photo is taken of the interviewee to post the site. The interview is conducted in a very open format which leaves a lot of room for personality and uniqueness to shine through. If people need help thinking of what to share, prompts can be provided to help get the ball rolling. For example: “What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?”, “Tell us the most interesting thing about yourself”, and “Share something you want other people to hear.”

Take a minute to look at the Humans of Green Hope page and learn about your fellow students of Green Hope. You might see a new face, hear an inspiring story, or learn something about a friend that you didn’t know before. Everyone is encouraged to take part. There is a google form listed below that you can fill out to express an interest in being interviewed.

Interest form: