Mr. Pluchino Teacher Feature

Mr. Pluchino Teacher Feature

By Kaia Patel

Anna Dunn and Kaia Patel

What’s the key to living your best life?

  • Making sure you are happy. When it’s not fun anymore, it’s time to stop doing it and replace it with something that will make you happy.

You’ve told your class to marry rich, and say that this is the key to your success. So what exactly does your wife do?

  • My wife doesn’t do anything. Well, that’s not entirely true, she volunteers and does some part time accounting work during tax season. Mostly, she takes care of me.

Describe your style. Who are you wearing today? What’s the deal with your monogrammed shirts? 

  • I dress like a business person, without the tie. I gave up the tie about 6 years ago. Up until then it was a white shirt and dark slacks with shiny black shoes. On Fridays you can catch me in Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers or Yves Saint Laurent those are my favorites. 

What did you do in the CIA?

  • I worked on the computers for the SALT II agreement of 1979. The United States and the Russians entered into an agreement restrain the arms race in strategic long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear weapons. Strategic Arms Limitations SALT agreement. That’s all I can say.

What is your secret for winning blackjack? Have you ever won big in Vegas (aka like the Hangover)?

  • No secret, I’m just lucky. When I go to Vegas I don’t gamble.

How do you feel about your recent loss of 2 P Bucks to Nikhi Tsambasis, considering you “never win?”

  • I’m very upset about that. The pain is still fresh.

What is the inspiration behind your paintings? What’s your favorite one? Is it easy to part with them after selling them for a few P Bucks? What is the conversion of a P Buck to a regular Buck?

  • First, there is no conversion from P bucks to regular currency, although I can see a future with bitcoin.  The paintings are a way for me to realize self-actualization. That is the realization and fulfillment of my talents and potentialities. I’ve also taken up the guitar as a way to express myself. My favorite painting is a copy of one from Paul Cezanne. I just like his work and the work from all the French Impressionist.  I don’t have any attachment to the paintings that I do. It’s easy for me to let them go to new homes. I give them all away. Not one of them are hanging in my home. 

If you weren’t teaching the beautiful souls of Green Hope, what would you be doing?

  • Living in Thailand

What is your most memorable teaching experience?

  • Being called down to the Principal’s office because of the questions that were on a test when I was teaching Principles of Business. It went like this. “You owe Vinny the hammer $1000 for bad gambling debts. Vinny wants his money on Monday 7 days from today. He wants $1200. Calculate the interest rate.” There were several questions along this vein. One of the student’s mother complained. 

Who’s your favorite student?

  • Bradly Korabik. He’s two years out of college and we’re still friends today.