Green Hope Sailing Team


RTP HS Sailing

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

Green Hope has a new sports team and it’s a little unusual. The Green Hope Sailing Team is now competing. Sailors practice at Lake Crabtree on the Regional High School Sailing Team (RTP).

The RTP program started as the Green Hope Sailing Team in 2004. Then it changed to the Regional High School Sailing Team in order to add more high schools in the Triangle area. There are multiple schools that participate including Enloe, Chapel Hill, East Chapel Hill, Leesville Road, Durham School of the Arts, Voyager Academy, Athens Drive, and Wakefield among others. Green Hope High School has not had enough members on the RTP team in order to compete in the past couple years. But this year it will change.

Senior Rachel Smith has helped reinvent the Green Hope sailing team. She has gotten a group of students to join the RTP team in order to have Green Hope High School compete in regattas. Green Hope’s team is a varsity racing team but it is not affiliated with the school. Sailors will represent the school unofficially because the team lacks a school sponsor.

The first regatta that Green Hope will enter is the Jordan Lake Points Regatta on October 12th. The season lasts from Sept 10 — Oct 29 and then continues from March 10 — May 22. Sailors practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 3 hours.

People can join the sailing team without any prior experience. They will be taught how to operate a 420 racing boat. The team currently has 10 racing boats so sailors do not need to have any equipment other than PDFs. However like most sports at Green Hope, sailors have to pay. This cost covers both the spring and fall season.

The Green Hope Sailing Team welcomes new members. Come out and try the waters. And if sailing isn’t your thing, come support the team at their debut on October 12th.